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ABSA cash send

What is ABSA Cash Send?

ABSA cash send is a money transfer services,which allows you to send and receive cash at any Barclays or ABSA banks ATM nationwide 24/7. Cashsend services is easy and convenient. The recipient does not need to be a ABSA or Barclays customer or have an ATM card to cashsend withdrawal the transferred cash.

With many ABSA or Barclays ATMs nationawide, you now have flexibility and convenience of sending or receiving cash. Cash send can be initiated via the ATM or through your Mobile Phone. Cash send gives power to cusomers!

Do you need to send money to someone who doesn't have a bank account? With CashSend from Absa, receiving and sending money is quick and easy.

ABSA is a South African (SA) largest retail bank with over 11 million customers. AbSA Bank is the financial institutions banking division of ABSA Group Limited based in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Absa Bank Limited (Absa) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Barclays Africa Group. Absa offer a range of retail, business, corporate and investment banking, wealth management products and services primarily in South Africa and Namibia.

ABSA bank provides a leading example of innovation in banking services, notably in retail and wholesale payments, which allow customers taking advantage of its complete range of banking, assurance and wealth management products and services.

However, ABSA is always looking for ways to identify opportunities to grow its value and to enter new markets by meeting the changing financial needs of all of its customers.

Absa CashSend Plus is a safe and secure way to send money electronically to a recipient who can then make a withdrawal from an Absa ATM without needing a card or bank account.



In South Africa, approximately 37% of the population do not have a bank account or relationship with the financial institutions, to its own and the wider economy's disadvantage.

As a result, the traditional banking services are not necessarily appropriate for reaching this demographic. A new solution is required to finding an alternative to cash-carrying couries. The alternative is the birth of "Cash Send"

It is a problem that ABSA is acutely aware of, so it began looking for ways to extend its services to the unbanked sector of the South African population.

Aside from the broader economic gains, ABSA had two primary drivers. The first was to aid its existing customers who wanted to send money to family members or employees who did not have a bank account, regardless of where they are in the country.

The second was to encourage the recipients to enter the formal banking sphere and to position ABSA as the provider of their primary banking relationship.

What made ABSA to seek for a solution? At the end of a month, a large number of ABSA customers would come in and take out huge amounts of cash from their ATMs.

This cash would be distributed throughout the country by courier or even by taxi - which is an unsafe practice at best. It's also one of the most expensive and inefficient ways of conducting that kind of transaction for a bank.

The month-end branch traffic created significant pressure on ABSA resources. As a result, ABSA needed to find a new way to deliver this essential service that was better suited to everyone involved.

Working with ACI Worldwide, ABSA developed CashSend, a person-to-person payments solution that enables senders to initiate payments from their cellphone or mobile phone, online banking or from an ATM, and allows recipients to withdraw cash from any ABSA ATM using their mobile phone instead of a bank card.

CashSend makes it easier to send cash securely and safely to any cellphone or mobile phone-owning recipient, anywhere in the country.

ABSA CashSend has created a safe way to transmit funds across South Africa, and has provided a greater level of convenience for ABSA customers by enabling transactions to be initiated from either its online banking service, its ATMs or a customer's own mobile phone.

It has also expanded ABSA's customer reach: the bank has seen an uptake in unbanked individuals wishing to establish a relationship with the bank, as well as an increase in customers switching from rival banks.

Do you need to send money to someone who doesn't have a bank account?

with ABSA cash send, sending and receiving money is quick and easy. The person to whom you have sent the money can withdraw it from most Absa ATMs using a reference number and access code.

Absa cashsend gives you the flexibility to transfer cash from an ABSA current account or savings or cheque account via ABSA bank online, cellphone or mobile phone banking or most ABSA ATMs.

The receipient can then withdraw the funds without using a credit or debit card. They simply select CashSend Withdrawal option at the ABSA ATM and enter both the 10-digit code sent to them be the Cash Send system and the 6-digit access code you created.

You can also send cash to yourself when you don't have your bank credit card or debit card with you and you need cash fast!


Sending and receiving money with CashSend from ABSA ATM or mobile phone is quick and easy. CashSend allows ABSA customers to transfer cash from their own cheque or savings account's to anyone around the country.

The recipient can then visit an ABSA ATM to withdraw the cash, without needing a bank card or account. All you'll need is the references number and access code, which is sent to you via SMS.

How to send money on Cellphone Banking Lite

Cash Send via Mobile Phone or Cellphone Banking Lite

Step by step guide:
   1. Dial *120*2272# from your cellphone to bring up the log-in screen.
   2. Enter your 3 digit pin to log-on and bring up the menu.
   3. Choose Option 3 for CashSend.
   4. Choose Option 1 to send money.
   5. Press 1 to accept the terms and conditions of the CashSend service.
   6. Enter the amount you would like to send, followed by the recipient's cellphone number that you're sending the money to.
   7. Select a PIN code that the recipient will enter at the ATM to retrieve the cash.
   8. Select 1 to confirm the details.

Then send your selected PIN code to the recipient, together with the exact amount.

ABSA sendcash 10-digit withdrawal number

CashSend is useful in a number everyday situations::
   1. People in diaspora who regularly send cash across the country to family members without bank accounts.
   2. Parents sending cash to their children.
   3. Paying your household staff.
   4. Pickpocket stolen your wallet or puuse or if you have just lost your bank card, you can send funds to yourself.

ABSA Sendcash withdrawal

ABSA ATM send cash withdrawal

Sending Cash is quick:
   1. As an Absa customer, you can send cash to anyone with a mobile phone or cell phone from most ABSA ATM's or by using ABSA Cellphone Banking.
   2. Transaction fees does apply.

ABSA bank online cellphone banking logon

ABSA Mobile Banking CashSend Pay

ABSA checkers cash send received

Receiving cash is easy:
   1. You don't need a bank account or credit or debit card to withdraw the cash.
   2. Just go to an ABSA ATM that offers the CashSend function. Select the "CashSend Withdrawal" option.
   3. Enter the 10-digit withdrawal number code you receive via SMS.
   4. Enter the 6-digit code and the exact amount you receive from the sender. To get the cash you must withdraw the full amount.

It's FREE to withdraw cash using CashSend.

ABSA Sendcash withdrawal #2

How to do CashSend on Internet-Based Mobile phone/ Smartphone/ Cellphone Banking

Cash Send via Mobile phone/ Smart phone/ Cellphone

Step by step guide:
   1. Select the Cellphone Banking Logon link at the top of this page
   2. Complete the logon process by entering your account number and PIN.
   3. Select CashSend on main menu.
   4. Select the CashSend Payment option.

Select account - Step 1:
   1. Select the account you wish to pay from.
   2. Select the Next button.

Enter details - Step 2:
   1. Enter the cell number of recipient.
   2. Enter the required amount (increments of 10).
   3. Create the access code - this is the code that the recipient will use to draw money.
   4. Change Add as beneficiary drop down to Yes to add a beneficiary.
   5. Check tick box to accept Terms and Conditions.
   6. Click Next button.

Enter beneficiary details - Step 3a:
   1. Enter beneficiary first name.
   2. Enter beneficiary surname.
   3. Enter beneficiary description.
   4. Select Add & Pay button.

Confirmation - Step 3:
   1. Confirm details.
   2. Select Pay button.

PIN Verification:
   1. Enter your Pin.
   2. Select Next button.

Review details - Step 3:
   1. Review the captured details.
   2. Select Pay Button.

Confirmation - Step 4:
   1. Screen confirming that the transaction was successful.
   2. Select Logoff button to end your session.

ABSA mobi is a secure site. Your personal information is private and secure.

ACI BASE24 and BASE24-eps

ABSA Features for Cashsend

The ABSA features for Cash send are:

a.  Allows for a maximum of R3000 per transaction (this is the maximum ATM withdrawal limit).

b.  You can set and maintain limits at the branch.

c.  The total amount of sent money must be withdrawn for each transaction - partial withdrawals are not possible.

d.  We'll send the recipient a 10-digit withdrawal number via SMS - if the withdrawal number is lost, you (the sender) can retrieve it from Absa Online for Business.

e.  Single or multiple CashSend Plus payments can be captured - up to 50 per batch.

f.  A CashSend Plus payment can be made from a business cheque or savings account only and must be initiated via Absa Online for Business.

ABSA Registration for CashSend Plus

The ABSA registration for Cashsend is as follow:-

A.  Apply for CashSend Plus at any branch.

B.  Write a formal letter (resolution) requesting CashSend Plus - it should be typed on your company/closed corporation's letterhead and signed by all relevant parties:

C.  In the case of a close corporation, all the members must sign the resolution.

D.  In the case of a company, the resolution is normally passed by a meeting of the directors.

E.  Hand the letter to the branch along with the "CashSend Plus" application form.

F.  Sign the "CashSend Plus" terms and conditions.

G.  Attach a copy of your ID book to your registration.

CashSend Plus is only available to non-individual customers. If you'd like to make payments as an individual, you can use CashSend.

Access Absa Today, Tomorrow, Together with Convenience, Safety and Security

ABSA CashSend is available to all South African populations who are Absa's customers. It provides a 24/7 banking experience and has improved operations so that low-value payment transactions are now performed through self-service ATM channels rather than in branches.

It has given existing Absa customers far greater control over their payments by providing a quick, easy and safe means of transferring funds - and has been adopted with enthusiasm as a result.

CashSend Absa currently processes approximately 120,000 transactions per month with a total value of one billion rand, and it continues to experience growth rates of between 12% and 15% each month.

CashSend has also made banking accessible to the wider public and serves the unbanked market by creating greater absa access, convenience, safety and security.

CashSend has brought banking to the masses in South Africa. It has made a meaningful difference to existing and future clients, and it's a very significant development for us as a business and for the country as a whole.

Although CashSend was originally intended to be a service for retail clients, it is fast evolving into a small business and corporate offering.

Businesses use CashSend to make payments for goods or services, and it allows employers to pay multiple recipients, further adding value and convenience.

Large corporations have even used CashSend in their campaigns and competitions to enable prize-winners to redeem cash prizes at Absa ATMs.

CashSend has been a phenomenal success and Absa are looking to expand the service outside South Africa, where they expect it to deliver similar benefits.

The service has really confirmed Absa's position as an innovative market leader.

CashSend continues to support our ability to offer secure, 24/7 choice and convenience, and an enhanced banking experience to all our customers - present and future.

ABSA CashSend Problems

The ABSA cashsend problems or ABSA Cash Send Error 55 may be caused by a number of different reasons. Not just Absa cash send problems but absa online banking problems or internet banking login problems.

  CashSend Problems:: The person I sent money to deleted the sms by mistake so how do I cancel the cash send transaction if I made the transaction at the atm?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: They need to follow up with ABSA support team on 08600 08600 for assistance to find out what is happening. Please let us know if you are referring to a CashSend transaction or a payment.
  SHARING TRICKY SITUATION:: My sister's daughter had to cone home because of strike at university. She called me very late asking for money I remembered cash send from my bank. I cash send her money for transport. She caught the very last taxi home. This is one of the best thing the bank has introduced.
  ABSA TEAM REPLY TO SHARING TRICKY SITUATION:: Thank you for sharing such awesome feedback. We are very happy that the CashSend service came in handy, when it was needed most.

  CashSend Problems:: I've done a cash send transaction at Pep stores and only realised at a later stage that I used the recepient's old non-existent number and wanted to know how do I cancel the transaction?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: You can visit any Pep store to request.

  CashSend Problems:: I send a friend money but unknowingly used her old cell number and so the 10-digit access code was sent to an old number that is not in use anymore. The only option I get on my cellphone is to change the 6-digit pin or to create a new 10-digit access code but it goes to the old number. So we can't get that much needed 10-digit code. And if I cancel the transaction I loose the money since transactions are irreversible and was already deducted from my account. what to do?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: There is an option on the service to cancel the instruction. When that is done you will be able to link a new beneficiary. Please give it a go and keep us posted.

  CashSend Problems:: I've sent money to someone on Friday and that person went to withdraw today but he got an error code 55 what need to be done in this matter? Follow up question - if I tried it three times, does it charge me for trying many things? Does the PIN expiry?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Please ask the person if they are trying to withdrawing the full amount because it will not allow you to draw a lesser amount.

  CashSend Problems:: My friend sent me a cash send on the 17th March today I went to make a withdrawal and it says insufficient funds, then I told her that it has been cancelled and she told me; She did not get a notification on that. What must she do?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Please ask your friend to contact us so that the matter can be investigated.

  CashSend Problems:: How much is the monthly limit of Cashsend when using a cellphone banking?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: It is R1000 per month.

  CashSend Problems:: I accidentally deleted the 10-digit code which I received from ABSA. How do I retrieve it again? She says she can't because she sent it using the ATM.
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Please ask the person who authorized the transaction to resend the 10 digit code. but, she can resend the code through Online, Cellphone Banking or the app.

  CashSend Problems:: My mum send me money but didn't get the SMS? I also have the same problem. But absa haven't send me the message. I haven't received it yet!! The message with 10-digits. They said I must wait 24 hours.. Even now I haven't received it. I'm very desperate with my money I have pin voucher but they said transactions not allowed what must I do because the person is not around to help.
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: When did your mum make the deposit? Please let us know which message you are referring to? Please try to switch your phone on and off and try again. Let us know if you still experiencing the same problem?

  CashSend Problems:: I received a cashsend 10-digit but I ddn't receive the access code. On the day 3-04-2015.
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: You need to contact the person you authorized the transaction to send you the 6-digit access code.

  CashSend Problems:: Is there a limit with cashsend?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: It is a R1000 per transaction and the maximum amount is R3000 per day when you perform the transaction through Online or to complete Cellphone Banking service, the app and an ATM.

  CashSend Problems:: Please let us know which platform will you use to do the CashSend? When sending money via cashsend can the recipeint withdraw it even after 2 days? And when it's cancelled does it return to the sender?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: The transaction is valid for 30 days, thereafter it will be cancelled. Yes! the funds are returned to the senders account. Please ask your aunt to cancel the transaction and resend it to you.

  CashSend Problems:: How do you cancel the transaction?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Please go back onto the CashSend service and select the unredeemed transactions and there will be an option to remove/cancel the instruction.

  CashSend Problems:: The person I sent money to deleted the sms by mistake so how do I cancel the cash send transaction if I made the transaction at the atm?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Please note that you can cancel the transaction in the same manner how you created it at the ATM, you will see the cancel CashSend option.

  CashSend Problems:: If I want to cancell a cashsend sent to myself... will the money go into my account?
  ABSA TEAM ANSWER to CashSend Problems:: Yes, it will.

  SHARING TRICKY SITUATION:: I went to the store, fill up the trolley with groceries and qued to the tills. I opened my purse, I couldn't find my bank notes and logged in to my cell phone banking, send myself cash send and went outside, withdraw the money and payed my groceries without any hustles. Thank you Absa!!!

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ABSA Contact centre & customer care

BASE24 and BASE24-eps process 40 million ATM transactions per month. ACI Worldwide, the Universal Payments company, powers electronic payments and banking for financial institutions, retailers, billers and processors around the world.

ACI software processes payments and securities transactions for more than 250 of the leading global retailers, and the world's largest banks.

Universal Payments - is ACI's strategy to deliver the industry's broadest, most unified end-to-end enterprise payment solutions.

Through ACI comprehensive suite of software products and hosted services, they deliver solutions for payments processing; card and merchant management; online banking; mobile, branch and voice banking; fraud detection; trade finance; and electronic bill presentment and payment.

ABSA Contact Centre &
Customer care contact number

You can reach out to the ABSA customer services (or ABSA Contact Center support) or call customer care contact number if you have any of the following ABSA Cashsend problems or issues:

ABSA bank opening times or ABSA branch opening times or absa bank opening hours saturday or absa branch opening hours is 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

ABSA General enquiries or Contact Address:

Absa Towers East,
3rd Floor,
170 Main Street,
South Africa

  Action Line - Cellphone: 0800414141
  Mobile or Cellphone Banking - Mobile: 0860111123
  Contact Centre - Telephone: +27112764000
  eStatements - Cellphone: 0860111123 - Telephone: +2711276900
  Forex-Exchange Control - Mobile: 0860151151
  Fraud Hotline - Cellphone: 0860557557
  General Enquiries - Cellphone: 0860008600
  International Travel - Cellphone: 0860151151
  Internet Banking - Cellphone: 0860008600 - Telephone: +27112767900    (www.absa-internet-banking logon)(www.absa.co.za/online-banking)
  Lost and Stolen Cards - Cellphone: 0800111155 - Telephone: +27123173000
  Western Union - Cellphone: 0860008600

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