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The bank verification number (BVN)

What is Bank Verification Number?

The Bank verification number, BVN for short is an initiative of THE CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA (CBN) to help finiancial industry protect their customer's bank account from unauthorised access. Sometimes, BVN is refer to as Biometric Verification Number (BVN).

BVN was launched on Friday 14th February 2014 with collaboration with all banks in Nigeria to curb the increasing incidents of compromise on conventional security systems (Debit/Credit cards personal identification number (PIN) password).

There is a high demand for greatest strengths security for access to sensitive or personal information in the Banking sector.

The banking industry feeling the needs to adopt biometric technologies as used in the biometric passport, also known as an e-passport, ePassport or a digital passport.

Since it has been used to analyzed human characteristics as a superior form of authentication for real-time security processes.

The biometrics security process is used to identifying an individual based on physiological or behavioural attributes such as fingerprint, signature, iris recognition, retina, palm veins, voice, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry and odour/scent, etc...

The BVN gives each Bank customer a unique identity across the Nigerian Banking industry that can be used for easy identification and verification at Point of Banking operations.

As a bank customer, you can have a multiple bank accounts in Nigeria with for example, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Diamond, Ecobank, FirstBank, Zenith, GTB, Union Bank, Access bank, and/or wemabank.

Your BVN gives you a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry to identify who you are.

Benefits Advantages of Bank Verification Number BVN

  • BVN gives a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry (not peculiar to one online bank)

  • Customers Bank Accounts are protected from unauthorized access

  • Gives easy access to Banking operations

  • It will address issues of identity theft, thus reduce exposure to fraud

  • Its reduces fraudulent activities on bank account

  • Reduce queue in Banking Halls

  • Standardized efficiency of banking operations

  • The BVN will enhance the Banking Industry chances of being able to fish out blacklisted customers

  • The Customers unique BVN is accepted as a means of identification across ALL Nigerian Bank

Objectives of BVN (Bank Verification Number)

The objectives of the BVN project is to protect customer's Bank Account from unauthorised access and to use biometric information as a means of first identifying and verifying all individuals that have bank account(s) in any Nigerian banking system and consequently, as a means of authenticating customer's identity at point of transactions.

And to provide a uniform industrially accepted unique identity for Bank Customers and to authenticate transactions without the use of cards using only biometric features and PIN Identification of blacklisted customers.

CBN Bank Verification Number

The intention of Central Bank of Nigeria CBN Bank Verification Number is to implement the cashless policy in all states across the federation of Nigeria and to capture online customers' data and check fraud in the banking system.

This initiative of Bank Verification Number CBN is to give every customer in the Nigerian banking system a unique identification number that can be verified across all banks in Nigeria.

To uniquely verify the identity of each Bank's customer for "Know Your Customer (KYC)" purposes.

CBN bank verification number is aimed at protecting bank customers and further strengthening the Nigerian banking system.

It was among other things, introduced to address safety of customers' funds, avoid losses through compromise of personal identification numbers and other criminal activities in the industry.

How to Link BVN to your Bank Accounts Online

Some Nigerian Banks has setup a webpage to allows BVN Link to account request.

Link BVN portal allows bank customers to link your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to your existing account(s).

For example, if you bank with UBA, you visit website and following the instruction below:

Enter your UBA 10 digit NUBAN account number.
Click Verify button to verify the account number.
Enter your 11 digit BVN number.
Enter BotDetech PHP CAPTCHA Validation status.
Click submit to link your BVN number.

You can use any of the following keywords tag to link bvn to your account:

  • link bvn
  • link bvn to account
  • link bvn to access bank account -
  • link bvn to diamond bank
  • link bvn to diamond bank account -
  • link bvn to ecobank account -
  • link bvn to ecobank
  • link bvn to firstbank -
  • link bvn to gtbank -
  • link bvn to gtb
  • link bvn to home student
  • link bvn to imc student
  • link bvn to keystone bank -
  • link bvn to other banks
  • link bvn to student
  • link bvn to train
  • link bvn to teacher
  • link bvn to uba account -
  • link bvn to zenith bank -

BVN Query Service

Bank or Biometric Verification Number BVN query service is a services provided by the Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System (NIBSS) PLC to the country's GSM telecommunication service providers. GSM telecoms service providers such as Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom and MTN Nigeria.

BVN query will allow telecoms providers to use new code *565*0# to access BVN status by registrants that are yet to get their number or have forgotten it.

NIBSS provide a platform where BVN numbers are securely kept, and is designed to help the banking Nigerian public to query their BVN on-the-go via their mobile phones.

As a result of growing public demand for confirmation of BVN status by those who have enrolled on the NIBSS platform?

It has been suggested that telecoms subscribers can check their BVN registration status and number by dialling a dedicated code, *565*0#, for an instant response at a cost of N10 per query.

The bvn query service is based on instant-request instant-response and is aimed at providing utility for those who have enrolled on the BVN platform of the NIBSS on behave of the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria)

It is expected that BVN Query Service would boost such efforts like Your Customer (KYC) policy and allows bank customers that have enrolled for the BVN to use their mobile number to request for their

BVN from NIBSS platform by dialling the code *565*0# on any of the GSM telecommunications network.

Note that only the mobile phone numbers submitted by the bank customers to their banks while registering for the BVN numbers can be used to access this service.

The BVN query service has already gone live on Etisalat network while it would go live on Airtel by Wednesday 16th September 2015.

BVN query service will address the issue of customers forgetting or misplacing their BVN at a cost of N10 only per query.

Also, BVN query service would discourage those who have enrolled from re-enrolling because they are yet to receive their BVN.

BVN Enrolment Process - Bank Verification Form

The enrolment process for getting BVN bank verification form (or BVN Enrolment) is simple.

Visit your bank brnach or any branch of the bank you have an account with.

Registration by proxy are acceptable for people in diaspora or living abroad (see below).

Fill an enrolment Form in-branch or online by downloading bank website.

Collect and fill the BVN enrollment form with all personal data about you.

Submit the completed form to a designated official at your bank, who would then transfer the information given into a computer data base.

The official will take your photograph and finger prints.

You will sign your signature that will be captured electronically into the data system.

A small temporary registration acknowledgement slip will be issued to you, followed by an email or SMS conveying a similar information.

A BVN identification card with a computer chip bearing your embedded personal information will be issued to you for collection at your designated bank branch.

BVN registration exercise is mandatory for all individual customers.

BVN Registration must be completed on or before Saturday 31st October 2015.

After deadline, you may not be able to do any financial transaction in any bank in the Nigerian banking system as you will require your fingerprint for authentication.

BVN registration is for individual account holders for the meantime till further notice.

BVN registration in one bank covers all accounts the individual might have in all other banks.

OIS Services (Online Integrated Solutions Services)
BVN Nigeria - BVN London

OIS Services are employed by NIBSS to carry out the BVN Enrolment in London at the London Centre: 56-57 Fleet Street, City of London, EC4 Y1JU.

BVN Enrolment IS NOT AT Nigeria High Commission London, 9 Northumberland Avenue, London WC2 N5BX

OISServices in partnership with Nigerian Interbank Settlement System (NIBSS), OIS Services has introduced BVN enrolment service to specific centres to make your life easier!

BVN Enrolment is By Appointment ONLY

FIRST AND FOREMOST: Make sure you visit website or to BOOK YOUR appointment before visiting designated centres for your BVN enrolment to avoid disappointment and frustrations.

OISServices will NOT see you if you do not have Appointment Booking Slip.

Once you have your BVN appointment, you need to have the ESSENTIAL documents and are required to present it:

1. Valid ID (Nigerian International Passport or Nigerian Drivers License or Nigerian Ntional ID Card)
2. One recent passport photograph
3. £30 pounds BVN enrolment fee (Note that Biometric Verification Number is free in Nigeria)

Nothing beats a failure but a try and beat the bank verification number deadline which is 31st October 2015.

There is no short cut to bnv or bv n or b vn or vn b or even cbn bvn news, just make the efforts and visit BVN Enrolment information page at for more bvn Nigeria enrolment.

CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) in partnership with NIBSS, and NIBSS in partnership with OIS Services introduced a BVN enrolment service to Nigerian bank account holders at the following centres:

Atlanta USA,
Beijing China,
Dubai UAE,
Guangzhou China,
Houston USA,
Johannesburg South Africa,
Leicester UK,
London UK,
New Delhi India,
Shanghai China and
Washington DC USA

BVN Registration Enrolment Centres
for BVN Enrolment Diaspora

Atlanta USA
Atlanta OIS Services, Suite 204, 918 Holcomb bridge road, Roswell, Atlanta, GA 30076
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
$45 enrolment fee. Payment method: Money order in favour of Online Integrated Solutions Inc.
Tel: +1 860-929-8995

Beijing China
Beijing OIS SERVICES, Unit 1 Suite 1801, Kun Sha Building, 16 Xin Yuan Li Str, Chaoyang District, Beijing PRC
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
RMB300 enrolment fee.
Tel: +86-108-400-4549

Dubai UAE United Arab Emirates
Dubai OIS SERVICES, 2907 Platinum Tower, Cluster I, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai UAE
Opening times: Sunday to Thursday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
AED 180 enrolment fee.
Tel: +971 4 276 5448

Guangzhou China
Guangzhou OIS SERVICES, Unit 27/28, 41st Floor, R&F To-Win Building,30 Huaxia Rd, Tianhe District, Guangzhou PRC
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
RMB300 enrolment fee.
Tel: +862089196634

Houston USA
Houston OIS Services, Suite 745, 9894 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77036
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
$45 enrolment fee. Payment method: Money order in favour of Online Integrated Solutions Inc.
Tel: +1 713-771-1871

Johannesburg South Africa
Johannesburg OIS SERVICES, 6 Bolton Road Parkwood Rosebank, 2193. Johannesburg, South Africa
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
R615 enrolment fee. Payment method: Postal order in favour of OIS services (PTY) Ltd
Tel: +27 112682376; +27 112682470

Leicester UK
Leicester OIS Services, The Peepul Center Orchardson Avenue, Leicester LE4 6DP, United Kingdom
Opening Times: Friday (10:00am - 16:00pm)
£30 enrolment fee. (Card payment only)
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7832 0001

London UK
London OIS Services, 56-57 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1JU, United Kingdom
Opening times: Monday to Friday (10:00am - 16:00pm)
£30 enrolment fee. (Card payment only)
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7832 0001

New Delhi India
New Delhi OIS Services, C/O Central Board of Irrigation & Power Plot No. 4,
Ground Floor, Institutional Area Opp.: Sarvodaya School Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110021, Delhi, India
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
and Saturdays (9:00am - 15:00pm)
RS3420 enrolment fee.
Tel: +91-880-053-0119

Shanghai China
Shanghai OIS SERVICES, Room 2025, 22/F, Catic Building, 212 Jiangning Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, PRC
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
RMB300 enrolment fee.
Tel: +86-212-230-6696

Washington DC USA
Washington OISServices, Washington DMV, 11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 160, Rockville, MD, 20852.
Opening times: Monday to Friday (9:00am - 16:00pm)
$45 enrolment fee. Payment method: Money order in favour of Online Integrated Solutions Inc.
Tel: +1 301-231-7000

Again, for more information, please visit BVN Enrolment page. Please make sure you must book an appointment at before coming to the centre for your BVN enrolment.

For Nigerian Passports, Nigerian visa application (Yes! oisservices also handle and process visa and passport), you are required to book an appointment at before submitting your visa application.

Appointment reference number or your appointment slip is required when submitting your application.

BVN Enrolment for Diaspora Extended
to January 31st 2016

The BVN Enrolment for people in Diaspora bank customers has been extended to Sunday 31st January 2016.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has extended the timeline for Nigerian bank customers in the Diaspora to enrol for their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN) to Sunday 31st January, 2016.

This extension was to allow the bank customers in Diaspora to complete the enrolment as well as link the BVN to their respective accounts.

Nigeria resident's bank customers who missed the enrolment deadline of Saturday 31st October 2015 expiration would henceforth be operated as no customers initiated debit account.

Bank initiated debit means that a customer may not be allowed to withdraw money from his or her account until the BVN has been acquired and linked to the account. Therefore, the account will lie dormant.

But the accounts without BVN would continue to receive transactions (cash and electronic credit inflows) and would NOT BE deactivated or confiscated. People can continue paying money into it but you cannot withdrawal.

Banks must continue to remind their customers of the need to link their BVN with their accounts if they had done the enrolment at another bank.

BVN Enrolment Abroad Diaspora

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has extended the bvn deadline for BVN Registration or BVN enrolment from Tuesday 30th June 2015 to Saturday 31st October 2015.

In Nigeria, most banks' premises on Monday 29th June had hundreds of customers besieged the banks in a bid to beat the BVN deadline for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) enrolment which expires June 30th 2015 (BVN deadline).

As most bank customers expressed fears that they might not be able to accessed their monies after the expiration. This is not true.

Only customers using remote access services - internet banking, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and other online services would not be able to make transactions.

How about Nigerians in the Diaspora?

The argument for Nigerians in the Diaspora is a very valid one. It is not economically feasible for this people to come to Nigeria because of the BVN exercise so that they can keep using their Nigerian bank accounts.

Except the banks can be ingenious enough to create a platform where diaspora customers can register for BVN on secured websites, it will be a case of shut out for those outside of the country.

In that case, the argument for a continuous exercise is a brilliant one for BVN Registration.

This isn't just about the bank customers. CBN and banks have not made arrangements for account owners in diaspora or living abroad.

For Nigerians in Diaspora to participate in the exercise, CBN has also directed banks to provide online platforms for those who have local accounts to register for BVN.

They were meant to set up registration points at Nigerian Embassies around the world, but haven't done so till date. How can somebody in diaspora or abroad enroll for BVN?

As a result, UBA (united Bank for Africa) through NIBSS (Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System) take the opportunity to create register BVN enrolment if you are living in the United Kingdom (UK). Kindly note that this service will cost you GBP30.

Please disregard any notification requesting you to register/ update/ link your BVN online, as such notification are fraudulent.

Would CBN Extend BVN exercise
for Nigerians in Diaspora?

Pressure is mounting up on Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to extend the Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise for Nigerians in the Diaspora to December 31st 2015.

The CBN, in collaboration with the Bankers' Committee, introduced the Bank Verification Number on Friday 14th February, 2014.

CBN with NIBSS are using Online Integrated Solution Services (OIS), a consultancy firm that processes visa applications and conducts BVN registration for Nigerians.

A lot of the Nigerians Consul General has urged the CBN to extend the Bank Verification Number (BVN) exercise for Nigerians in the Diaspora to December 31.

However, Nigerians can use the OIS Services centre to process their passport renewal and for BVN registration.

The Nigeria Immigration Service has improved service delivery in passport renewal and visa processing.

As a result, the OIS centre had made visa processing and passport renewal easy.

Nigerians in the Diaspora, has become a cash cow for the CBN/NIBSS in the BVN Registration and BVN Enrolment.

Is BVN deadline 31st October?

CBN insists October 31st remains the deadline for bank customers to obtain their Bank Verification Numbers (BVN).

The Banking and Payment System Department (BPSD) of CBN re-affirmed that at the deadline, bank customers that had not enrolled for BVN would not be able to access their accounts.

If you have not registered go and register and of course submit your BVN to your bank, no extension on the deadline of October 31 is available.

By November 1st 2015, if you don't have a BVN you won't be able to operate your account, but that does not mean that your money will be confiscated as some people have said.

No, what it means is that you should go and do your BVN, once you do your BVN and you link it to your account, you continue to operate your account.

The BVN is a unique identity number that can be verified across the Nigerian banking industry.

BVN Registration and Enrolment started on Friday 14th February 2014 with the aim of protecting customers' accounts from unauthorised access to reduce the incidence of theft and exposure to fraud.

The BVN registration exercise shows that many bank customers have been taking advantage of the extension to complete their BVN registration and also ensure that their various bank accounts have been linked to the BVN.

In some areas, the BVN enrolment figures indicated that many bank account holders had continued to show apathy instead of taking advantage of the extension period to complete the registration.

The CBN has made it clear that there would not be further extension after the October 31, 2015 deadline.

After BVN Deadline 31st October 2015

According to Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, after Bank Verification Number BVN Deadline, non-registered bank customers would be barred from accessing their money or any transaction in their account after 31st October 2015.

This is bound to cause discomfort in the banking industry as Customers besiege banks as BVN registration deadlines expires.

The BVN registration would still be opened after 31st October 2015, but unregistered customers would not be allowed access to their accounts.

It is expected that less than half of total bank customers have meet the BVN registration deadlines.

However, there was no going back on the new deadline set by CBN for customers to obtain their BVN. Bank customers who fail to meet the October 31 deadline to enrol on the BVN network will have their accounts frozen.

The customers, who fail to meet the BVN deadline, will not be able to operate their accounts until they comply.

Simple steps to link your BVN number

Easy ways to confirm or link BVN with Account number by Dialing *919*6# or to Retrieve BVN by Dialing *919*7#

If you bank with UBA for example, you can Link BVN with Account/Prepaid Card at

Bank Customers would be wondering:-

  • BVN registration is gross de-service to Nigerians abroad
  • Do Nigeria government think those in Diaspora are making more money than those back in Nigeria?
  • Is BVN registration a way to steal people's money?
  • Is CBN's agenda to freeze the funds of hardworking Nigerians in Diaspora?
  • Is it not the same BVN those Nigerians resident in Nigeria are obtaining free of charge?
  • Its high-time Nigerians should stand up for their right freezing customers account isn't the best, enforcement should be better choice.
  • No government has the right to freeze people's account for no criminal judgement.
  • Shouldn't it be the responsibility of the bank to give whatever number that CBN finds agreeable to the bank accounts?
  • The idea of BVN is a good one, but the implementation/registration process is very much faulty. BVN registration should be a continuous exercise that should keep going on for as long as there are people operating bank accounts.
  • What about those who are not in the country - BVN Diaspora?
  • What is the rationale behind asking Nigerians in Diaspora to pay in order to have BVN?
  • What sort of impression is Nigeria trying to create of Nigerians in Diaspora?
  • When CBN was bringing up this initiative, didn't it think of those in Diaspora?
  • Why don't banks just do it and tell the customers what their new numbers?
  • Why is it at the last minute Nigeria government decided to use Nigeria embassies in some countries to do the BVN Diaspora?
  • Why not attach BVN registration to an activity compulsory for every bank account holder without which the account holder cannot perform that activity.
  • Why put the responsibilities on the customers?
  • Why should Nigerians in Diaspora be made to pay in order to have their own BVN?
  • Why should there be a deadline for BVN registration?
  • Would banks cease collection of VAT, Withholding tax and bank charges from these accounts until they have a BVN done?

BVN Frequently Asked Questions (BVN FAQ)

Find below some of the Commonly Asked Questions about the CBN BVN Number:

BVN Question 1: What is a BVN?
BVN Answer 1: BVN means Bank Verification Number. At times, it is refer to as Biometric Verification Number

BVN Question 2: What is the purpose of the Bank Verification Number?
BVN Answer 2: The purpose of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) is to uniquely verify the identity of each Bank's customer for 'know your customer' (KYC) purposes.

BVN Question 3: What is BVN Enrolment?
BVN Answer 3: BVN Enrolment is the process of capturing a customer's details which includes fingerprint and facial image after which a BVN is generated.

BVN Question 4: How does a Customer get a BVN number?
BVN Answer 4: A customer enrols at any branch of a bank where he or she has an account or intends to open an account.

BVN Question 5: Must every customer have a BVN, is it mandatory Compulsory?
BVN Answer 5: Yes it is.

BVN Question 6: How long does it take to get a BVN?
BVN Answer 6: It takes up to 24 hours after Enrolment to get a BVN.

BVN Question 7: What is the Benefit of enrolling for a BVN?
BVN Answer 7: The BVN helps to reduce fraud, increase the efficiency of banking operations and also enable customer access to future credit facilities.

BVN Question 8: How is the BVN communicated to the customer?
BVN Answer 8: Once the BVN is generated, the bank would inform you of your BVN. All customers would receive SMS alerts.

BVN Question 9: If a customer forgets his or her BVN what should the customer do?
BVN Answer 9: The customer should contact his or her bank where the enrolment was carried out, to retrieve the number.

BVN Question 10: How and Where can you update customer information? For example, In case of change of address?
BVN Answer 10: The customer goes to his/her bank and follows the bank's processes for updating customer information. A customer can update his or her information only at the bank where he or she has an account.

BVN Question 11: Does the BVN change when customers update their record?
BVN Answer 11: No, the BVN doesn't change.

BVN Question 12: When does my BVN expire and how do I renew?
BVN Answer 12: The BVN expires after 10 years. After 10 years of the issuance of the BVN, the customer goes back to his or her bank to re-enroll.

BVN Question 13: Does my BVN number remain the same for Life?
BVN Answer 13: Yes it does

BVN Question 14: Can a customer Enrol in one bank and get the BVN from another bank?
BVN Answer 14: No. The customer can only pick up his or her BVN at any branch of the same Bank he or she enrolled.

BVN Question 15: If a person steals another customers BVN and comes to the bank what happens?
BVN Answer 15: The person's live fingerprint will not match what is stored on the customer's record.

BVN Question 16: After the BVN has been generated, what next?
BVN Answer 16: A customer's identity can now be verified against their BVN.

BVN Question 17Does a customer have to be physically present to Enrol?
BVN Answer 17: Yes, because the customer's physical features e.g. fingerprints have to be captured.

BVN Question 18: What is the Enrolment procedure for corporate accounts?
BVN Answer 18: Individuals who are signatories to corporate accounts will enrol and their BVNs would be linked to the corporate account by the Banks.

BVN Question 19: Can minors be Enroled?
BVN Answer 19: No, only bank's able adults can be enrolled.

BVN Question 20: What is Verification?
BVN Answer 20: Verification refers to the process of confirming a customer's identity.

BVN Question 21: What is Offline Verification?
BVN Answer 21: Offline verification will authenticate the customer by comparing the fingerprint or the facial image with the data stored on the BVN card.

BVN Question 22: What happens if a customer is an amputee?
BVN Answer 22: The facial features of the customer will be captured as fingerprints will not be required for Amputees.

BVN Question 23: Will biometric function be implemented on POS and ATM terminals, and if yes, how will it work?
BVN Answer 23: It will be implemented at a later stage. More details to come.

BVN Question 24: How would Bank customers Living outside Nigeria Enrol?
BVN Answer 24: Bank customers living outside Nigeria would have to come back to the country to enroll.

BVN Question 25: Who does a customer contact with regards to any biometrics complaint?
BVN Answer 25: The customer should contact his/her bank.

BVN Question 26: Would a customer have to go to all Banks where he/she has an account to Enrol?
BVN Answer 26: No, once a customer is enrolled at one bank and a BVN is generated, the customer only has to take the BVN to other banks to link such accounts.

BVN Question 27: Are customers' information secure?
BVN Answer 27: Yes they are, the details are encrypted and stored in a secure database.

BVN Question 28: Is it possible to start an enrolment and finish later? Can it be saved like a draft?
BVN Answer 28: No, because the enrolment is done real time, it is necessary that it is completed in one session.

BVN Question 29: What happens if a customer comes to enrol with bandaged or injured fingers?
BVN Answer 29: Customers with injuries or bandaged fingers are advised to return for enrolment once fingers are healed. However if you require special exemption please contact your Bank.

BVN Question 30: Can a customer choose which of his or her accounts will be linked to the BVN?
BVN Answer 30: No, a customer cannot, all accounts would be linked.

BVN Question 31: During Facial capture can a customer leave his/her glasses on?
BVN Answer 31: No a customer cannot leave his or her glasses on during facial capture.

BVN Question 32: What is the basic identification needed for enrolment?
BVN Answer 32: It depends on the level of account the customer wants to open. Please contact your bank.

BVN Question 33: For joint accounts how does the linking work?
BVN Answer 33: All signatories of the accounts shall be linked.

BVN Question 34: If a customer doesn't have a means of identification can the customer's data still be captured?
BVN Answer 34: Yes, please refer to question 33

BVN Question 35: After a customer has enrolled and collected his/her BVN, Would the customer still be required to provide another means of identification at the point of transaction?
BVN Answer 35: No. A formal identification is not needed because verification is done at the point of transaction.

BVN Question 136: Since I am a Bank customer and the Bank already has my information, do I have to fill an enrolment form?
BVN Answer 36: Yes, everybody fills a form irrespective of an existing account holder.

BVN Question 3: Is there a deadline for every bank customer to be enrolled?
BVN Answer 37: Yes, CBN has Saturday 31st October 2015 as the deadline.

BVN Question 38: Can foreigners with accounts in the Bank required to enrol?
BVN Answer 38: Yes, all customers in the Bank are expected to enrol

BVN Question 39: Are children expected to enroll their Biometrics for their children account?
BVN Answer 39: No. It is the BVN of the account signatories that will be linked to the account

BVN Question 40: I couldn't get my BVN number and bank can't find my BVN record?
BVN Answer 40: Don't give up. Ask if you can reapply

BVN Question 41: What happens to customers in the Diaspora?
BVN Answer 41: If you are in Diaspora, send someone to your bank to inform them. Your bank will upgrade your account to a Diaspora account and it will not require BVN until further instructions from CBN.

BVN Question 42: Why is nobody talking about Nigerians in the diaspora who have accounts in these banks? You don't expect them to come all the way because of this exercise?
BVN Answer 42: People in diaspora should contact their banks via mobile phone or emails or send someone to the bank to inform them.

bank account verification number

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