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The banks online didn't mess up the economy; it was the men who lead the online banks, and not only the banks online, who did that; and not everyone was to blame.

The online banks were like an ultra powerful Ferrari and Aston Martin driving thrill at high speed with no brakes.

The risk of an accident was all too real; and that's precisely what happened!

Now the banks online perceive the risks of their actions, and have also put in place new rules to control these risks.

Online banks has always paid attention to the consequences of its actions because it cares about its social responsibility.

This attitude earned some online banks the highest agency ratings, indicating that stakeholders trust online banks, bank mastercard, visa card and its ability to manage risks as well as its ability to generate profits for its investors and come up with good products for its clients.

Now online banks is one of the most profitable banks in the world and the preferred bank of its clients.

In United Kingdom UK, we have the advantage of a motivated TEAM thanks to its Developing Resources Program implemented in last year that introduced:

  • Growing in online Banks, a continuous program of job rotation and regular training;

  • The prize for best-performer employees in banks Online GROUP stocks;

  • The new Brown Tower Bridge (rented apartments for employees) near the new banks Online building;

  • The new Brown Campus (a space where online banks employees can enjoy themselves);

  • The introduction of regular brainstorming sessions in every area/office of the bank to share new ideas for products and improve processes;

  • The introduction of benefits like laundry services, a medical program (to monitor the physical and psychological health of employees),

  • The eat brown program (healthy food options in the banks online restaurant);

  • The introduction of the I'M BROWN Program (employees can display the banks online name and logo on their car or scooter in return for benefits in kind such as clothes, watches and other gadgets).

This is why I'm happy to work at online banks, but the reason why I'm proud to work at banks online is because I'M ALWAYS SURE WE ARE DOING THE BEST FOR OUR CLIENTS. WE DON'T PRETEND TO DO OUR BEST - WE ACTUALLY DO IT!

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The Online Bank stays true to its values. Speaks the truth. When we say internally that we should save money, it means everyone must save; it certainly does not mean getting rid of some employees, while retaining privileges such as company cars and phones for others.

It's difficult for me to convince my colleagues to play by the rules when the Banks Online does not even stay true to its own regulations.

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