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Black girl magazine
Elle black girl magazine magic.

Black Girl Magazine

Black girl's magazine or Elle black girl's magazine magic launched by Canadian students, because these girls don't always feel like they are represented in the magazines they read. This group of young Canadians decided to create their own.

The group of young Canadians consists of (contributors):-

  • Chisom Amadi, 9,
  • Chisom J. Agbakwa, 9,
  • Deva Ukhuegbe, 13,
  • Kamara Bwegyesa, 13,
  • Mbabazi Okafor, 13,
  • Morgan Brown, 13,
  • Naomi Buju, 13,
  • Taylor Brown, 12, and
  • Uchechi Esonwanne, 9

They always assume that black people, they like live in the hood and they're all very poor, so I feel like, if we show that we're something greater than like, a bum, or something then, I feel like, that will help us a lot.

The first issues of Black Girls Magazine was launched on Saturday 10th December 2016 from York Region, Brampton and Scarborough in Richmond Hill Public Library.

And have published their first two editions, which are now available at all eight branches of Vaughan Public Library, two branches of Richmond Hill Public Library and three branches of Toronto Public Library.

The Black Girl's Magazine contains a collection of articles and cartoons written by the students, aged 9 to 13.

Each issue is written and drawn by the group of young Canadians, aged 9 to 13 with some editorial assistance from adult mentors.

The girls meet once a month at a local library to discuss story ideas. Orders fo rthe magazine have arried from Canada and the United States of America ( US or USA). BGM is publish twice a year. The next issue is slated for June 2017.

Annette Bazira-Okafor - Editor, Black Girl's Magazine
Annette Bazira-Okafor (Editor, Black Girl's Magazine) while researching for her post-doctoral studies - PhD - at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education when she discovered, "in a world where corporate media, films, television programs, music genres and magazines aggressively target kids and teens, black girls remain indiscernible and underserved".

Elle black girl magazine magic
Elle black girl magazine magic.

BGM Girls Baby Picture Bios
BGM Girls Baby Picture Bios.

The BGM Gals Comic
The BGM Gals Comic.

Weird Question people ask about Black girls hair!

Black girls are generally born with luscious, thick and very curly hair. To manage our hair, we tend to put extensions or in some cases "weave" our hair.

There are many cool and different hairstyles we make with our hair and that's a little something that makes us unique.

Usually we get our hair done with several tiny braids that take long hours to attach, but in the end it's worth it.

Due to the fact that many people in our city don't...

Breaking News, three girls, known as Naomi,Kosi and Mbabazi, have gone into space to protect the earth from astroids!

Girl in space
Girl in space to protect the earth

Girl in space#2
Girl in space to protect the earth

In the mall Comic
In the Mall Comic.

Embarrassing Moments


Laughtosis? Yeah, "Laughtosis!" is a thing. I know because I sometimes get it. Onthis particular day, it started when two of my classmates and I were working on a French project.

Now French is a hard language and believe me the project was not a comic piece either. Suddenly I started laughing and didn't even know what or why.

BMG Gals
the BMG Gals

Black Girl Magazine on Amazon Online

You can buy Black Girl Magic Lit Mag (5 Book Series) Kindle Edition at Amazon online written by many authors, which include:-

  • Adrienne Wallace,
  • Alexia Tolas,
  • Andrea Stanet,
  • Auden Johnson,
  • C.A. Viruet,
  • Cerece Rennie Murphy,
  • Dahlia Winters,
  • Dawn Vogel,
  • Dennis Upkins
  • DJ Tyrer,
  • Donyae Coles,
  • Givens Kurtz,
  • Jennifer Meacham,
  • Karen Hislop,
  • Kenesha Williams,
  • Kristel Adams,
  • Lori Titus,
  • Lynn Emery,
  • Melody Kay,
  • Miri Castor,
  • Nicole,
  • Nora Anthony,
  • Rumbidzai Makanga,
  • Satya Nelms,
  • Tonya Jones,
  • Tonya R. Moore,

  1. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 1 (Feb 14, 2016)
  2. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 2 (Apr 15, 2016)
  3. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 3 (Jul 21, 2016)
  4. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 4: The Horror Issue (Oct 30, 2016)
  5. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 5: New Year, New Worlds (Jan 15, 2017)
  6. Black Girl Magic Lit Mag: Issue 6 (March, 2017)

Black girl magazine's contact detail:-

Black Girl Magic Mag,
P O Box 3322,
Winchester, VA 22604,


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