Capture File and Clearing Process Flow

Capture File and Clearing Process Flow for a Payment Token transaction
Note that the Token Service Provider may be located at the Issuer, Payment Network, or a third party

Capture File and Clearing Process Flow

With capture file and Clearing process flow for a Payment Token transaction. The following steps describe the flow of the standard Payment Token data fields in the capture and clearing process as part of the transaction lifecycle.

1.  The information for Capture File processing is created by the Acquirer based on the information provided by the consumer during transaction initiation. The Payment Token will be passed in the existing PAN field of the Capture File, along with other standard Payment Token data elements, and sent to the Acquirer.

2.  The Acquirer will perform processing checks on the data elements, and will use the following Payment Token data fields to create the Clearing File to be sent to the Payment Network:

  • Payment Token will be passed in the existing PAN field.
  • POS Entry Mode will be set to the standard POS Entry Mode for the channel-specific transaction, and included in the Clearing File.
  • Token Assurance Level will be included in the Clearing File and will be a new data field that will be introduced for Payment Token transactions.
  • Token Requestor ID will be passed as an optional field in the Clearing file.

3.  The Payment Network will interface with the Token Service Provider to:

4.  The Payment Network will send the Clearing File to the Card Issuer, with the following information:

  • Replace Payment Token with PAN.
  • Add an indicator that conveys to the Card Issuer that an on-behalf-of validation has been completed by the Token Service Provider of that Payment Token.
  • Pass the following Payment Token-related fields in the Clearing File. These are new fields sent optionally to the Card Issuer in the Clearing File:
    • Payment Token
    • Token Exp. Date (Optional)
    • Token Requestor ID
    • Token Assurance Level

5.  The Card Issuer performs validation on the Clearing File and completes the clearing process.

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