Cardholder Verification Method (CVM)

Contactless payment terminals of electronic payment process

Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) is a system or technology used to verify the authenticity of the cardholder. Examples include signature, personal identification number (PIN), a chip (integrated circuit), Universal Cardholder Authentication Field (UCAF), and biometrics methodologies. ith Electronic payment process the Transaction Menu enables you to perform a transaction on the terminal.

Above image/picture are one of the Ingenico new ranges of payment terminals the most advanced and the most reliable on the market for contactless payment card readers.

Transaction menu
At the READY prompt press the MENU button.

The first option on the list will be highlighted.

The actual options shown may differ from those shown here.

NOTE: Only three options can be displayed on the terminal screen at any one time.

Use the arrow buttons to view the available options.

Press the GREEN ENTER button to select a highlighted option.

The terminal will return to the READY display if no option is selected within 30 seconds.

The system menu
The System Menu enables you to perform an administration
function on the terminal.

Select the System Menu by following the instructions below.

At the READY prompt press the MENU button until the System Menu is displayed.

Other menu options may appear before/after depending on your configuration.

Use the up and down arrow buttons to view the available options and press ENTER to make your selection when the required option is highlighted.

Starting a Contactless Transaction

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The contactless card terminal may be configured to start a transaction by either entering the transaction amount first or by inserting/swiping payment card.

If your terminal is configured to accept Contactless Cards it will always expect you to enter the transaction amount first for whichever type of transaction you are performing.

If your terminal is configured for card details first the customer will be prompted to insert their card into the terminal to start the transaction.

Once this is done, enter the transaction amount and continue from the Checking Card prompt for the chosen transaction type.

Using a Card with the Contactless Reader

Contactless reader option
Where a contactless transaction is allowed, the terminal display will show the contactless symbol.

The cardholder should hold their card against the Contactless symbol on the terminal.

If the card is removed too quickly a message will appear on the display and the cardholder will be asked to present the card again.

LEDís will light at the top of the terminal during different parts of the transaction.

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