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It is possible to have Contactless travel on all European Buses by the year 2028 according many bus operators. As of now 2022, many European bus operators are making business case for contactless travel on all buses but this does not mean it will be done.

The business case will pass but will they deliver? As we all knows... There are many questions to be answered, from political, legislative, technical, psychological ones, etc...

For example in United Kingdom (UK, Transport for London (TfL) {England, Scotland and Wales}, contactless travel card could be in place on every bus in Great Britain GB) by 2028 under a Multi-Million-Pound plan being developed by the Arriva, First Bus, Go-Ahead, National Express and Stagecoach - The country's five leading bus operators.

Working together, Arriva, First Bus, Go-Ahead, National Express and Stagecoach are hoping to produce a business case which is expected to be finished by end of the year 2022

This private sector led initiative, could see new EMV contactless Chip-and-PIN technology installed on every one of the UK's 32000+ buses outside London.

It would offer contactless cashless travel card for those who want it and put a lid or cover on pay-as-you-go-fares in all urban areas of the United kingdom.

Today in 2022, over 9600+ London buses do accepted Contactless payment transactions using their Oyster card or debit card.

Tast year 2020, about 2 in 7 of all UK contactless payments were done in transport for London network by commuters.

More than 1200 bus operators in England, Scotland and Wales are planning to make contactless travel possible for all passenger's journey.

As a result, government legislation would be required to ensure smart ticket or contactless ticketing (capped charges receipt credit card cost) was offered by all individual bus operators across Great Britain.

It is hoped that contactless travel or smart ticketing initiative would yield huge benefits in providing simpler travel for the millions of commuters who rely on buses.

The Department for Transport (DfT), Transport for London (TfL) and the UK Cards Association (UKCA) have laid the framework for contactless travel journey across the Great Britain.

The big five - Arriva, First Bus, Go-Ahead, National Express and Stagecoach are hoping that the national framework for contactless journey would help cement their business case for introducing contactless bus travel across the United Kingdom.

Today, many consumers are already enjoying the smartcards or Smart bus ticketing across the UK. Contactless travel technology has brought new opportunities to deliver even simpler, faster and more integrated travel using contactless debit and credit cards.

It is expected that many big cities around the world with Metropolitan Transportation services such as Tubes, Subway and Bus journeys will be using contactless bank card or mobile phone to pay for their journey.

Perhaps, in two years time 2024, subways and buses will start using contactless payment methods, meaning commuters can board buses and pass through turnstiles more quickly, as well as manage the value in their accounts online.

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