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Super memory or Superior Autobiographical Memory 2022
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Contactless Memory

Contactless Memory

First, lets visualize the human contactless memory. Now, imagine the alarm clock went off and we turn it off.

It's time to go and brush the teeth and perhaps take the bath or thinking should I do exercise today or perhaps do it another day?

Or remembering our contactless memory route to work, finding the keys we just put down or thinking where did I park the car the night before?

Or making sure that birthday card is posted, we all rely on our contactless memories every day.

Most people can remember and retrieve massive amounts of contactless information, including thousands of names and faces, different bank PINs and complex directions.

A select few can achieve amazing feats of super power memory, with minds that never forget. But our powers of recall pale in comparison to some other species. Could this make us super memory super student?

what is hyperthymesia?

Can anyone have super memory or are you born with it? How can anyone develop a super power memory?

Answers to questions everyone wants to know.

Total Recall of super memory is not Transport for London TfL Contactless travelling memory, but super great memory.

When someone has super power memory, also known as hyperthymesia, their minds retain everything they process. Wouldn't you love to have it and show off with it?

In our planet earth, there are only a handful of people suspected to be hyperthymesia. It's controversial, and some think it doesn't even exist.

But whether you have super great memory or not, your brain is quite brilliant. It's made up of billions of interconnected neurons, which communicate through thousands of connections called synapses.

When a connection between these is strengthened, a memory is formed. This is what our memory is based on - millions of tiny connections in our brains.

Is contactless human memory becoming Too BIG?

Contactless human memory has 86 billion brilliant bits. Some experts estimate that we can save and process about 100 terabytes of information in our heads.

Here is the bits that make contactless memory work:-

We may not have the scent recognition of an elephant or a cat's short-term memory, but the human brain is the most complex machine that exists.

A tiny number of people even possess "super memory" or "superflash contactless memory" or Hyperthymesia AKA: Highly Superior Authobiographical Memory (HSAM)

Contactless Short-term Memory

contactless short-term memory is how our brains store a small amount of current ‘ready to use’ information.

It’s generally agreed our short-term memory can store five to nine things for 18-30 seconds.

Contactless Long-term Memory

The contactless human brain is so powerful that it can store a huge amount of information almost indefinitely.

The brain categorises and stores different types of long-term memory, such as events, facts and personal experiences, in different areas of the brain.

Contactless Neurons

There are over 86 billion contactless neurons in the human brain and these form the basis of the human nervous system and play a key role in memory.

These were first identified in the early 20th Century.

Contactless Synapses

Contactless Neurons in the human brain communicate through connections called synapses, which allow them to pass electrical or chemical signals to each other.

Contactless Hippocampus

Financial Scientists believe a part called the contactless hippocampus, located in the centre of the brain, is vital for forming new memories.

It's named after the Greek word for seahorse, due to its shape resembling the marine creature.

Contactless Live Wires

When contactless synapses are strengthened by electrical impulses, memories are formed in a process known as long-term potentiation (LTP).

Our memory relies on millions of these tiny connections to function.

Top Smartest People
Most Intelligent People in the World

Scientists have identified a few top smartest people or most intelligent people in the World known to have super power memory or endless memory or superior autobiographical memory - the ability to recall nearly every day of one's life and some of them are listed below.

Is being smart is to have a lot of knowledge or having just high IQ test and accomplishment? Can anyone have super memory super student pdf?

  • Albert Einstein - A German-born American Philosopher - mass-Energy formula E=MC2
  • Barack Obama - President of the United States
  • Bob Marley - Singer-songwriter
  • Bob Prechter - Hyperthymesia (a TV producer and writer, Evening entertainer for friends)
  • Brad Williams - Hyperthymesia (Radio, news anchor reporter)
  • Carl Gauss - A German child prodigy
  • Chief Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe - Independence movement
  • Chief Dr. Oliver Sunday Akanite, known as Oliver De Coque
  • Christopher Hirata - Has IQ 225 and work for NASA when he was 16 years old.
  • Christopher Langan - An American with IQ 210
  • Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York (House of Windsor) - Elizabeth II; The British Monarchy
  • Elvis Presley - Singer
  • Galileo Galilei - An Italian Philosopher
  • Garry Kasparov - Has 190 IQ. Youngest undisputed chess champion at age of 22 years old.
  • George Washington - First President of the United States
  • Goodluck Jonathan - President of the Nigeria
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - A German philosopher
  • Isaac Newton - The law of gravitation
  • Jacob Barnett - A Math child prodigy proud of his autism and hyperthymesia
  • Jake Houser - Hyperthymesia and a child prodigy
  • James Maxwell - Father of modern Physics - the theory of Electromagnetism
  • James Woods - Has 180 IQ. Won 3 Emmy Awards
  • Jill Price - Hyperthymesia
  • Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - A German Renaissance Man (1808 Poetic drama "Faust" Author)
  • John Stuart Mill - An English Philosopher
  • Judit Polgar - Has 170 IQ. The lady that beat Bobby Fischer at Chess when she was 15 years old.
  • Kim Ung-Yong Has IQ 210. Work for NASA and speak 4 languages at age of 2 years old.
  • LeonardoDa Vinci - An Italian Renaissance Man (Mona Lisa painter)
  • Louisa Owen - Hyperthymesia
  • Mahatma Gandhi - Independence movement
  • Marilyn vos Savant - Guinness Book of Records Highest recorded IQ, an author, lecturer & playwright
  • Mary Lucy Denise "Marilu" Henner - A hyperthymesia { the leday in sitcome Taxi}
  • Matthew Luther King - African-American Civil Rights movement
  • Mihajlo Idvorski "Michael" Pupin - A Serbian American Physicist
  • Mother Teresa also know as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta.
  • Muhammad Ali - Professional boxer
  • Nelson Mandela - Anti-apartheid revolutionary
  • Nicolaus Copernics - Astronomer
  • Nikola Tesla - A Serbian American Physicist
  • Paul Gardner Allen - Has 170 IQ, Co-founder of Microsoft with Sir Bill Gate.
  • Pope Francis - Papal
  • Pope Saint John Paul II - Papal
  • Rene Descartes - A French Philosopher
  • Richard Phillips Feynman - An American Theoretical Physicist
  • Rick Barron - Hyperthymesia (from Cleveland)
  • Rick Rosner - Has IQ 192
  • Sir Andrew Wiles - Has 170 IQ, Sir Andrew has received many awards in Science and Math.
  • Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin - English comic actor
  • Stephen Hawking - Has 160 IQ, Stephen has received many awards of recognition.
  • Steve Jobs - an American information technology inventor
  • Terrence Tao - Has 230 IQ. Youngest professor at UCLA with over 230 published research papers.
  • William James Sidis - An American child prodigy
  • William Shakespeare - English poet
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (baptised as Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart) - Composer of the Classical era

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