Customer Relationship Services

Customer Relationship Services

The purpose of customer relationship services is to define and configure customers within the financial transact processing environment.

In implementing customer relationship services, one should support definition of customers, accounts and cards used for financial transaction processing.

And should provide a central repository for information that other services within the enterprise can use, and reduces data duplication and the number of refreshes and extracts moving information.

Customer Relationship Services

The Customer Relationship Services provide a common location for the definition and configuration of customers within the financial transaction processing environment.

The implementation within the Customer Relationship Services should support definition of the customer; accounts, relationship and cards used for financial transaction processing.

Customer Relationship Services should also provide a central repository for customer, card and account information that will be utilized by other common services within the enterprise.

The centralization of the customer, account and card data will greatly reduce data duplication and the number of refreshes / extracts moving information between front-end processing applications and the back-office clearing, reconciliation and settlement applications.

Due to the sensitive nature of the customer, account and card data managed by the Customer Relationship Services; the most important non-functional requirements include the following:

  • Availability: Customer Relationship Services are common services transactions require; its architecture must deliver high availability of 99.999% at the service, application and database levels.

  • Scalability: Customer Relationship Services must be able to scale to meet the high volume needs of Automated Clearinh House (ACH) and retail payments; linear scalability is the goal.

    The Customer Relationship Services architecture must be able to deliver linear scalability;

    Maintain a constant transaction processing cost and as volumes rise, increases in hardware provides a predicable expansion of transaction processing capacity.

  • Security: Payment Card Industry (PCI) and other regulatory bodies are increasing the data security requirements for customer related data including data encryption and/or tokenization of data.

    The architecture of the Customer Relationship Services must protect sensitive data.

Customer service relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables you to focus on your organisation's relationships with individual people - whether those are suppliers, service users, colleagues or customers.

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