How to Use Contactless Payment

Do you want to pay the effortless way? Enjoy the complete guide to easier way to pay with contactless payment, however you like?

There are 3 possible outcomes of a Contactless Transaction Payment:

  • Approved
  • PIN Entry Required
  • Transaction Declined by Bank

How Contactless Payment Works

Make fast, easy and secure payment of £20 or €25 or $30 or under with a simple tap at contactless retailers. There's no need to fumble with cash or enter a PIN.

And it's just as safe and secure as Chip and PIN because contact less payment use the most advanced technology (e.g. RFID - Radio Frequency Identification) and processes to safeguard it.

In addition, your contactless payments are 100% protected against fraud.

Contactless is available now at the places you love to shop, and by the end of this year it will be in hundreds of thousands of places, here in United Kingdom (UK) and around the world.

Radio frequency technology of Contactless payment symbol
So it will take you from your morning coffee to after work dinner... your weekly essentials item, at shops like Co-operative food... your journeys into town or city centers... and your evenings out, anywhere you see the symbol (on the left hand side).

The Rise of Conctactless

All you need to do is hold your contactless card within 4cm of the contactless reader and wait for the green light to flash, which means you've good to go.

And the best thing is, you already have contactless on your debit card or credit card or charge cards. Check it for the symbol or your card PayTag sticker or even your mobile payment app.

Enjoy the easier way to pay, however you like. Contactless card, PayTag or Mobile. With so many ways to pay, there's no reason not to.

How to use contacless payment cards

Mobile Phone Contactless Payment

You can make a mobile phone contactless payment, but it is still at an early stage of development.

People living in the United States of America (US or USA) due to hanges in technology, have been able to make transactions and move money through their own cell phone/ mobile phone/ smart phone/ or tablet already.

Also, people who live in europe are hoping that not so distant future, they too will be able to make mobile phone contactless payment, much like you would do for a contactless transaction.

Advantages of Contactless Payment

As you can see how contactless payments are making everyday transactions easier, quicker, simpler for consumers and retailers. There are other reasons why paying with contactless is so nice:-
  • It reduces the need to find a cash machine or carry cash;

  • It's more convenient than other types of payment;

  • There's no need to have the correct change;

  • There's no need to queue for so long; as contactless speeds up the time it takes to make a payment;

  • There's no need to carry an extra card - contactless functionality can be provided on a normal debit, credit, charge or prepaid card.

  • There's no need to mess about entering your PIN in to the terminal every time though. You may have to on some occasions.

    This is just a security check - to verify that you, the authorised cardholder, are still in possession of the card.

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