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The iwoca (instant working capital)

What is IWOCA?
(instant working capital)

The iwoca ltd is a London FinTech startup technology company started on Wednesday 5th October 2018) - an award-winning online finance provider for small businesses across the Lonond in United Kingdom (UK) based at 39-45 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 6LA, England.

As we're in austerity measures in UK, it's no secret that banks aren't lending money to small business enterprise (SME) - iwoca are working to fix that.

To show they're serious, iwoca would like to offer small businesses a free trail to work them. By borrowing £1,000 - £100,000 and they won't charge any interest during the first month - repay after 30 days and your loan is completely free.

Alternatively, pay back over any period up to a year. iwoca interest rates start at just 2% per month with absolutely no other fees.

Iwoca is a new finance provider dedicated to SMEs. There flexible credit lines allow small businesses to bridge cash flow gaps, purchase new equipment and take on bigger projects.

iwoca supported over 2,500 businesses to date 2022 and were recently selected as the Alternative Lender of the Year for Commercial Credit.

Small Business can get approved for an iwoca credit line of up to £100,000 with no commitment, then draw down funds as required.

After this your company can pay back over 12 months or save interest by making free early repayments at any point (for example, once an invoice is paid).

How iwoca reviews different from Other lenders?

In 2019, iwoca was launched with a mission to give every small business access to the finance they need to grow.

The iwoca founders Christoph Rieche and James Dear, in October 2018 realised that traditional lenders hadn't invested in understanding small businesses, so they built innovative technology which analyses the real trading data behind a company business.

This innovative technology process is completely paperless, allowing you to provide supporting documents digitally and securely link to your online bank account or bank account validation or payment provider with iwoca.

iwoca use this data-driven decisions to make a faster, fairer lending decisions - no lengthy forms or business plan required.

The iwoca innovate technology analyses your business data so they can make fairer lending decisions compared to traditional providers. It also means they're fast - your business can have the funds in your bank account within hours.

When you sign up with iwoca you can upload your business bank statements, unpaid invoices, VAt returns, accounts or other supporting data.

These help iwoca to understand your trading and cash flow profile, so they can lend you the money based on your business's strengths rather than just your credit history.

Although iwoca is a financial technology company, we know there are some things better done the old fashioned way.

For instance, if you've ever tried to call a high-street bank, you will know how difficult it is to get through to a real person.

With iwoca, you will have a dedicated account manager who's on the end of the line whenever you need to speak to someone about your facility or other issues.

How does iwoca instant working capital work?

The iwoca bank loan is different. Unlike a traditional bank loan, you can use iwoca on a revolving basis.

That means your business are able to take as much or as little of the funds as you need, whenever you need it. You will only pay iwoca interest rates on the amount you've withdrawn.

The iwoca credit lines can be used for any business purpose, but other companies generally use iwoca to manage their cash flow and make investments.

Your business can keep the funds for any period up to one year and there are no early repayment fees.

We know that businesses can need capital at short notice. That's why iwoca approval process is as hassle-free as possible - signing up can take just five minutes and iwoca can typically have your facility set up within 24 hours.

It's completely free to have the facility in place, so getting approved is worthwhile even if you don't need the funding right away.

So far this year 2022, iwoca have lent £50 million to over 3,000 UK businesses and were recently named Alternative Lender of the Year for the business credit.

You can read hundreds of independent customer IWOCA Reviews | Customer Service Reviews of iwoca | at URL or

Over 400 businesses have rated iwoca 9.7/10 on Trustpilot. Read reviews at

Iwoca Calculator

The iwoca calculator allows small business to get credit facilities of up to £100,000. No commitment, no hidden fees, no hassle.

Year 2022 iwoca instant working capital
   iwoca Business Credit Card Typical Small Business Loan
Approval Time 24 hours 1-2 weeks Weeks or months
Credit Limit Up to £100,000 Up to £10,000 Up to £25,000
Additional Fees No Annual fees & cash withdrawal charges Upfront origination fees
Early Repayment Penalties No No Yes

The iwoca ltd like to keep things simple. Your business will be given a flat interest rate (stating at 2% per month) with absolutely no other fees and no long-term commitments.

The iwoca standard loan terms are up to 12 months, but you can always repay early at no extra cost.

The iwoca calculator

IWOCA Address

You can reach IWOCA Ltd if you have any questions or for more information about the instant working capital revolution customer/services support today:

Contact iwoca Address:

iwoca Ltd,
39-45 Shaftesbury Avenue,
W1D 6LA,

Telephone: 0800 205 5535 or 020 3397 3375 or 020 3476 6117
opening times: 9:00 a.m. - 21:00 p.m

iwoca - Facebook:
iwoca (@iwoca) | Twitter:
iwoca linkedin:

See who you may know at iwoca 2022 and learn about iwoca Jobs in equal opportunity and looking forward to possibility of working with you at iwoca.

The iwoca is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for Consumers Credit with interim licence number: 647963.

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