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m-Pesa money transfer

What is M-Pesa?

Pesa is Swahili for "money" - hence M[obile]-Money. By definition, M-PESA is a short message service SMS-based money transfer system that allows individuals to deposit, send, and withdraw funds using their cell phone. M-Pesa's success reflects its simplicity - To transfer money, you need only the creditor's mobile phone number.

M-PESA has grown rapidly, currently reaching approximately 50 percent of Kenya's adult population, and is widely viewed as a success story to be emulated across the developing world.

M-PESA or Mobile money transfer allows those without a bank account to transfer funds as quickly and easily as sending a text message.

The most successful of these systems, and the first to operate on a large scale, is M-Pesa, a joint venture between mobile phone giant Vodafone and Kenya's Safaricom. The M stands for mobile, and Pesa is Swahili for money.

As stated earlier, M-Pesa's success is based on its simplicity. Customers buy credit on their mobile phone accounts to pay bills or buy products. To transfer money to a person, merchant, or government agency, all they need is the creditor's related phone number.

M-Pesa is operated by Safaricom, a mobile network operator (MNO), which is not classed as a deposit-taking institution (such as a bank). M-PESA service enables its users to:

 Deposit and withdraw money
 Transfer money to other users and non-users
 Pay bills; utility bills
 Purchase airtime
 Transfer money between the service and a bank account (in some markets)
 Pay salaries
 Taxi ride home
 Banking services (many banks have partnered with mpesa)
 Or even a night on the tiles

To use the service, customers first register with Safaricom at an M-Pesa outlet, usually a shop, chemist or petrol station. They can then load money onto their phone.

The money is sent onto a third party by text message. The recipient takes the phone to their nearest vendor, where they can pick up the cash.

The debits are deducted directly from the mobile phone account, with no need to fuss over a bank account. Customers give debtors their mobile number to use in settling up; when a debt payment comes in, their mobile phone account is credited.

Mobile phones or smartphones have spread faster than bank branches. Mobile money accounts has outnumber bank accounts in Eastern African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Madagascar. For business, the technology has revolutionised cashflow.

As a sign of success, the value of Kenya's mobile money transactions has equaled 60 percent of the country's GDP (gross domestic product), according to a new study by telecoms trade group GSMA.

Today 2022, more than 150 mobile money services such as M-Pesa serve more than 100 million customers in Africa, the Midde East, and Asia;

We're seeing quite a few numbers of new mobile money operators launched in these emerging economies on a yearly basis, according to report by GSMA.

Africa is the world's largest market as in sub-Saharan Africa, more people have a mobile money account than are are signed up for Facebook. Mpesa services have obvious appeal for people without bank accounts, or what the financial services industry calls the unbanked.

For these people, their first mobile phone contract served to introduce them to the world of debit and credit. With minimal banking regulations in the region, African mobile companies were able to add various retail banking services (insurance, microfinance, remittances) to the traditional pay-as-you-go contract.

Big bang explosion or expansion won't be that easy in the European and North American countries. Why?

Because banking is highly regulated, as are the telecoms, and most people already have bank accounts.

The United States of America (USA or U.S.) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation estimates that about 92 percent of U.S. households have a bank account;

And in United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, and other parts of developed European countries, the number is higher yet.

Still, in these markets, banks envision an M-Pesa type product as a way to keep their most digitally savvy customers loyal.

UK's Barclays introduced PingIt or Paytag Sticker, a mobile-to-mobile money payment service hailed as a first for European M-Pesa. Barclays PingIt is basically M-Pesa for the developed world, as more people expects to see an explosion of new services in the Western world modelled after Africa's Mpesa success.

In an effort to catch up with Barclays bank's innovation, eight U.K. banks, including Halifax, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Santander UK, have formed a consortium to bring a services that will allow customers to send payments via SMS or through an app to any other banking customer signed up to the network.

In a survey of UK banking customers by the UK Payments Council, the UK banking customers would like to use a mobile money transfer service to settle up with friends and family-say, to pay back a bar bet or split the cost of dinner.

History of Mpesa

You may be wondering or thinking... when did mpesa launch or when did mpesa start, when mpesa was launched or when was mpesa lauched or when was mpesa launched in Kenya or even when was mpesa started? All are good questions!

M-pesa was launched in March 2007, by the leading cell phone company in Kenya, Safaricom and Vodacom.

With M-Pesa, Safaricom brought banking-by-phone to Africa, the service in East Africa is the bona fide payment network when compare with that in the United States of America (U.S.A or US or even United Kingdom UK);

Where mobile banking demands an app or 3G connection or 4g connection, a smartphone, and a high-speed Internet connection.

However, in African continent, many millions of Africans use basic mobile phones to transfer money from one person to another, take out insurance policies, and collect payment from government agencies.

Since mobile phone technology has reduced communication costs in many parts of the developing world from prohibitive levels to amounts that are, in comparison, virtually trivial.

Nowhere has this transformation been as acute as in Eastern Africa, where networks of both fixed line communication and physical transportation infrastructure are often inadequate, unreliable and dilapidated.

Today 2022, in African continent, a mobile phone calling rates remain high by world standards, the technology has allowed millions of Africans to leap-frog the land-line into 21st century connectivity.

Even at a few pennies or bucks a transaction, Africa's so-called "mobile money" market is huge, topping huge billions of dollars than the amount of money sent via mobile in Europe and North America combined, according to Gartner.

Now, business finance and technology executives of the advance countries are turning their attention to Kenya's explosive mobile money market and wondering if its success can be replicated in new markets, including those of the prosperous Western world.

m-Pesa load money

How does M-PESA work?

Seriously... How does M-PESA work? - Although M-PESA does not pay interest on deposits, and does not make loans, it can usefully be thought of as a bank that provides transaction services and that has operated, until recently, in parallel with the formal banking system.

Safaricom accepts deposits of cash from customers with a Safaricom cell phone SIM card and who have registered as M-PESA users.

MPESA registration is simple, requiring an official form of identification (typically the national ID card held by all Kenyans, or a passport) but no other validation documents that are typically necessary when a bank account is opened.

Formally, in exchange fo rcash deposits, Safaricom issues a commodity known as e-float, measured in the same units as money, which is held in an account under the user's name.

This account is operated and managed by M-PESA, and records the quantity of e-float owned by a customer at a given time. There is no charge for depositing funds, but a sliding tariff is levied on withdrawals (for example, the cost of withdrawing $100 is about $1).

E-float can be transfered from one customer's M-PESA account to another using SMS technology, or sold back to Safaricom in exchange for money.

Originally, transfer of e-float sent from one user to another were expected to primarily reflect unrequited remittances, but nowadays, while remittances are still an important use of M-PESA, e-float transfers are often used to pay directly for goods and services, from electricity bills to taxi-cab fares.

The sender of e-float is charged a flat fee of about 40 US cents, but the recipient only pays when she or he withdraws the funds.

Fees are charged to the user's account, from which e-float is deducted. Additional cash fees are officially not permitted, but there is evidence that they are sometimes charged on an informal basis by agents.

Of course, transfers are subject to availability of network coverage, which has expanded consistently over the past decade.

Safaricom has over 2000 towers across the country (in addition to towers operated by competing providers), concentrated in areas of high population density.

To facilitate purchases and sales of e-float, MPESA maintains and operates an extension network of over 3000 agents across Kenya.

The growth of this network lagged behind that of the customer base for the first year of M-PESA's operation during which time the number of users per agent increased five-fold, from a low 200 to a high of 1000.

But recently, agent growth has accelerated and the number of users per agent has fallen back to between 500-to-600.

Registered M-PESA users can make deposits and withdrawals of cash (i.e., make purchases and sales of e-float) with the agents, who receive a commission on a sliding scale for both deposits and withdrawals.

The commission amounts are non-linear (and concave) in the size of the transaction. As a result, some agent encourage customers to split their transaction into multiple pieces, thereby increasing the overall commission.

M-PESA agents hold e-float balances on their own cell-phones, purchased either from Safaricom or from customers, and maintain cash on their premises.

Agents, as a result face a non-trivial inventory management problem, having to predict the time profile of net e-float needs, while maintaining the security of their operations.

Safaricom's M-PESA requires that each agent must have a bank account, so that funds can be transferred easily between them.

Cost of Remittances

The cost of remittances is the primary function of M-PESA, at least as it was conceived, is to reduce the costs of making remittances from one individual to another, especially across large distances.

Who makes remittances - both money and goods? The shares of households in who sent or received remittances, by rural/urban location, and by M-PESA.

On average, more households send remittances than receive, although many no doubt do both. The share receiving transfers is simila across rural and urban households (42% and 45%), but sending is performed by a larger share of urban households than rural.

M-PESA users are much more likely to send or receive remittances than non-users. Remittances appear to go from younger to older generations, as 47% of those sent are to parents, while 12% of remittances received are from them.

Because individuals do not need to withdraw or send balances immediately, they are able to accumulate savings on their M-PESA accounts over time.

Thus, M-PESA has become a savings instrument,as well as a means to send money. Sometimes money is tsored in an M-PESA account simply to save a person from carrying too much cash, especially for example on long and potentially dangerous bus trips.

Many people and households, save money at home "under the mattress", but slightly more non-users do than users. M-PESA users value the saving function it provides.

Mobile phones and Mobile Banking in Kenya

The technology adoption of mobile phones has occurred at perhaps the fastest rate and to the deepest level of any consumer-level technology in history. Technology adoption is getting faster.

Mobile payments systems have also been developed in other developing countries. In the Philippines Global Telecom operates GCASH, and in South Africa WIZZIT facilitates mobile phone-based transactions through the formal banking system.

One of the resons mobile phone technology has spread quickly is that it has followed other technologies that may have eased the way.

Many of the new technologies that were introduced before about 1950 (with the exception of radio) were relatively slow to diffuse through the population, whereas those introduced in the second half of the century saw generally steeper adoption rates.

Nonetheless, the speed of adoption of mobile or cell phones, especially in the developing world, remain unprecedented.

The spread of mobile phone technology has been especially rapid and broad in Africa where penetration rates stood at some 30-to-40 percent in 2010, still below the global average of 60+ percent.

This pattern stands in contrast to the adoption of other technologies such as imroved see and fertilizer, which have been frustratingly weak.

In Kenya, the first mobile phone companies were publicly owned, and began operations in the mid-1990s on a small scale.

Over time mobile phones in Kenya have eclipsed landlines as the primary means of telecommunication. The number of landlines had fallen drastically, while mobile phone subscriptions had increased from virtually zero to 20-30 million over the same time period.

Assuming an individual has at most one cell phone (even though we seeing people carrying two mobile phones), 50% of the population, have access to mobile technology.

Safaricom (website www.safaricom.co.ke), which began operation in 1997, is currently the largest mobile phone operator in Kenya, controlling nearly 80% of the market, ahead of its two nearest rivals (Zain and Orange).

Recent and prospective entry into the sector is expected to put a squeeze on Safaricom's market share, which some commentators expect to fall to around 60-65 percent over a the next few years.

In 15 years ago (April 2007), following a Vodacom funded pilot project, Safaricom launched a new mobile phone-based payment and money transfer service, known as M-PESA. Pesa is Swahili for "money" - hence M[obile]-Money.

The service allows users to deposit money into an account stored on their cell phones, to send balances using SMS technology to other users (including sellers of goods and services), and to redeem deposits for regular money.

Changes, deducted from users' accounts, are levied when e-float is sent, and when cash is withdrawn. M-PESA has spread quickly, and has become the most successful mobile phone-based financial service in the developing world. Similar services in Tanzania and South Africa, for example, have penetrated the market much less.

Suspicious and wary of regulation of the Central Bank of Kenya, since the launch of M-PESA in March 2007, Safaricom has been at pains to stress that MPESA is not a bank.

On the other hand, the ubiquity of the cell phone across both urban and rural parts of the country, and the lack of penetration of regular banking services, led to hopes that Mpesa accounts could substitute for bank accounts, and reach the unbanked population.

Althoug M-pesa has been adopted by both the banked and unbanked in roughly equal proportions. However, there has been significant growth in the number of individuals, and households, with bank account, due to the expansion of such institutions as Equity Bank and Family Bank.

In addition, a number of banks have very recently allowed consumers to link there M-PESA and bank accounts. How these changes have affected the relationship between M-PESA registration and access to banking services remains to be seen.

While the sustained growth in M-PESA registration is notable, the volume of financial transactions mediated through M-PESA should not be exaggerated.

The volume of transactions effected between banks under the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) method is nearly 700 times the daily value transactionthrough M-PESA.

On the other hand, the average mobile transaction is about a hundred times smaller than the average cheque or check transaction (Automated Clearing House, or ACH), and even just half the size of the average Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) transaction.

Thus, M-PESA is not designed to replace all payment mechanisms, but has found and filled a niche in the market in which it provides significantly enhanced financial services.

Advantages of MPESA

One of the great advantages of mpesa or benefits is increased security. Mpesa customers no longer has to worry about being mugged while carrying cash; Security-wise your money is intact! Carrying cash in emerging markets is a very risky thing to do.

In rural areas it is completely different. The bank is hours away and no internet access. But I do have access to a mobile phone.

Even if you could get to a bank branch you'd need to prove your address with a utility bill. To be very practical about this not everybody in developing markets will pay utility bills, they may not even have a permanent address.

It's not just for customers at the end of the chain. Businesses adopt mobile money to offer various business to business services, for example, suppliers collecting payments from distributors via the mobile channel.

Increased the ease at which money can move around, not just individual consumers but small and medium-sized enterprises as well.

One of the big problems in the milk industry in Kenya has been how to get payment to the thousands of small one or two-cow milk producers, many of whom are women. A group of them got together and decided to create a payment system using M-Pesa.

No more struggling to move cash around in the marketplace, use this tool to help smooth out business chanllenges.

Much more useful as a person to person money transfer system. Just like PayPal's app enabling you to send money from person to person.

In the developed world mobile payments are made using slightly different technology, so typically we're looking at mobile payments on the web, payments for goods and services onto your bill, or we're looking at premium rate SMS payment.

Mobile payment online is fairly well-established, but what has really pushed the technology mainstream is the success of smart phones.

Those sorts of payments are going to be more social payments, sharing the cost of a meal for example, or paying someone a small amount of money you might owe them that by bumping your iPhones together.

Customer experience with M-PESA

The customer experience with M-PESA are perceived safety of M-PESA and its convenience are major reasons that early adopters of the technology chose to use it.

The following primary reasons for household using or not using M-PESA:

  • Safety
  • Ease
  • Cost
  • No access
  • Confidentiality
  • Emergency
  • No reason
  • No need
  • Other

Below are reasons for individual non-use of M-PESA:

  • Don't know about it
  • Don't need it
  • No network available
  • Celtel customer
  • Don't own a cellphone
  • Don't understand it
  • Too complicated
  • Too costly
  • Not safe/Don't trust it
  • No agents where I live
  • No agents where my recipient lives
  • Happy with existing money transfer service
  • Other
  • No response


MPESA Delay problems have been experienced by users, either due to their own errors or associated with the chanllenges faced by agents in managing their cash and e-float balances.

As an exampe of mpsea delay, includes users report having sent money to the wrong person at least once, although two-thirds of these retrieved the money, about half of them within a day.

Below are the reasons for delays to withdrawaing money from M-PESA:

  • Deleted SMS
  • Agent had no money
  • Agent not available
  • Agent system is down
  • Safaricom network down
  • No ID
  • Other

59 MPesa FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Below are some of the mpesa frequently asked questions (FAQ) or MPESA FAQ:

Mpesa faq 1: Can mpesa send money to other networks?
Mpesa faq 2: Can you change the ownership of an mpesa account?
Mpesa faq 3: Can you send money to other networks using mpesa?
Mpesa faq 4: Can you use a work permit to register for mpesa?
Mpesa faq 5: How can I get my mpesa statement online?
Mpesa faq 6: How do I get my mpesa statement?
ANSWER from selfcare.safaricom.co.ke:

You can get your M-PESA statement via any of the options below:
 You can dial *234#, select My M-PESA information then to register to receive monthly M-PESA statements via your email address for free. The statement can also be requested on demand ( when required).

 M-PESA statements can be viewed/printed via web self-care at https://selfcare.safaricom.co.ke for free

 To view a mini statement, one can dial *234# and select M-PESA Mini statement to view the last 5 transactions for free.

 A print-out of M-PESA account statement can be obtained from any Safaricom Retail center or Care desk at the cost of Kshs25/- per itemized page. The customer has to provide an identification document i.e. National ID, valid passport, Military /Service ID, Alien ID.

Note: All the statements issued at Safaricom Retail Centre outlets are not intended for any other use other than personal use.

Mpesa faq 7: How do mpesa agents make money?
Mpesa faq 8: How does an mpesa agent make profit?
Mpesa faq 9: How does mpesa make money?
Mpesa faq 10: How does mpesa work?
Mpesa faq 11: How does mpesa work in india?
Mpesa faq 12: How does mpesa work in south africa?
Mpesa faq 13: How does mpesa work technically?
Mpesa faq 14: How much does it cost to start an mpesa business?
Mpesa faq 15: How to activate mpesa?
Mpesa faq 16: How to activate mpesa account?
ANSWER from selfcare.safaricom.co.ke:
M-PESA to Bank and Bank to M-PESA is a branchless mobile banking service, that allows customers to deposit money directly into their bank account from their M-PESA account and withdraw money from their bank account into MPESA account respectively without visiting a bank.

Please Note: Each bank has a different way of registering their customers for this service; thus customers should first contact their respective banks through the contact center numbers (available under customer contacts in the above path and on the paybill directory on the intranet) to register for the service.

How it works.
  1. Go to pay bill option the M-PESA menu.
  2. Enter the business number for the respective bank ( customers to consult their bank to get this number).
  3. Enter the account number ( this is the customer's respective bank account number).
  4. Enter the amount to deposit and the M-PESA PIN.
  5. The customer will get a notification from M-PESA and their respective bank confirming the transaction.
  6. The banks paybill numbers to use to deposit funds can be viewed on the link.
The customer needs to register for mobile banking with their respective branch to get the code to allow them move money from their bank account into their M-PESA account.

Once they register, they will be able to access their bank account from their Safaricom line using M-PESA service.
Mpesa faq 17: How to add money in mpesa?
Mpesa faq 18: How to be an mpesa agent?
Mpesa faq 19: How to become an mpesa agent?
Mpesa faq 20: How to become mpesa agent?
Mpesa faq 21: How to check mpesa statement?
Mpesa faq 22: How to check mpesa statement online?
Mpesa faq 23: How to check mpesa transactions?
Mpesa faq 24: How to check mpesa transactions online?
Mpesa faq 25: How to check my mpesa statement?
Mpesa faq 26: How to deposit money in mpesa?
Mpesa faq 27: How to get mpesa statement?
Mpesa faq 28: How to get mpesa statement online?
Mpesa faq 29: How to get mpesa till number?
Mpesa faq 30: How to get safaricom mpesa statement?
Mpesa faq 31: How to load money in mpesa account?
Mpesa faq 32: How to open an mpesa account?
Mpesa faq 33: How to open an mpesa shop?
Mpesa faq 34: How to open mpesa account?
Mpesa faq 35: How to pay electricity bill using mpesa?
Mpesa faq 36: How to register for mpesa?
Mpesa faq 37: How to register mpesa?
Mpesa faq 38: How to send mpesa from kenya to tanzania?
Mpesa faq 39: How to start an mpesa?
Mpesa faq 40: How to start an mpesa business?
Mpesa faq 41: How to start an mpesa shop?
Mpesa faq 42: How to start mpesa business?
Mpesa faq 43: How to transfer money from mpesa to bank account?
Mpesa faq 44: How to withdraw money from bank to mpesa?
Mpesa faq 45: How to withdraw money from mpesa?
Mpesa faq 46: What is the KCB M-PESA Account Service?
ANSWER from selfcare.safaricom.co.ke:
This is a mobile based account offered exclusively to MPESA customers enabling you to:
Access loans at attract rate - KCb Mpesa load
KCB MPESA terms and conditions or KCB MPESA loans terms and conditions
How to transfer money from mpesa to kcb account
kcb mpesa account
kcb mpesa services

KCB MPESA Contact Center:

KCB MPESA customer care number: +254711087000 (chargeable)
Facebook: KCB Bank Group
Twitter: @Kcbgroup
SMS: 22522
Chat: Available on their website https://ke.kcbbankgroup.com
Mpesa faq 47: When did mpesa launch?
Mpesa faq 48: When did mpesa start?
Mpesa faq 49: When mpesa was launched?
Mpesa faq 50: When was mpesa lauched?
Mpesa faq 51: When was mpesa launched in kenya?
Mpesa faq 52: When was mpesa started?
Mpesa faq 53: When was safaricom mpesa launched?
Mpesa faq 54: Which year was mpesa launched?
Mpesa faq 55: Who discovered mpesa?
Mpesa faq 56: Who invented mpesa?
Mpesa faq 57: Who invented mpesa in kenya?
Mpesa faq 58: Who owns mpesa?
Mpesa faq 59: Who started mpesa?

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Faulu Microfinance Bank Limited8b for majority stake in Faulu Kenya Why M-Pesa is Popular in Kenya Deposit to Faulu Account using M-Pesa Faulu Kenya Central Bank of Kenya Faulu
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Finserve Africa Limitedexpose their subscribers to intercepted communication and financial fraud on M-Pesa service. Despite this, Finserve Africa were granted a one-year trial period
Frugal innovationcosts. Mobile banking Mobile banking solutions in Africa, like Safaricom's M-Pesa, allow people access to basic banking services from their mobile phones
International Mobile Remittanceand services, without the need for an extensive banking infrastructure. M-PESA in Kenya is a successful example of mobile money deployment. The International
International Philippine School in Al KhobarThe founders named it as the Philippine Embassy School in Al-Khobar (PESA). PESA formally started its academic operation in June 1989 with a Temporary
Jumia Traveloptions including mobile payment solutions such as M-Pesa, SimplePay or MTN's mobile money M-Pesa, SimplePay or MTN's mobile money. Jumia Travel incorporates
Kabel DeutschlandUkraine United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Products and services M-Pesa Betavine Corporate directors Gerard Kleisterlee (Chairman) Vittorio
Kapedoshops sell basic goods such as flour, tea, sugar and kerosene. There are MPESA shops The village is about to benefit from devolution as the Turkana County
Kedah-class offshore patrol vesselMalaysian Navy identified the need to replace their ageing patrol boats. These 31 m long vessels built by Vosper Ltd with a displacement of 96 tons had been in
Kenya national rugby union team2734944/-/e703u6/-/index.html Swila, Isaac.
Kenyan Premier LeagueKenyan football. The Kenyan Premier League (KPL), also known as the SportPesa Premier League (SPL) for sponsorship reasons, is a professional league for
Kepa Arrizabalaga(in Spanish). Marca. 5 May 2012. Retrieved 11 December 2014.
KibweziPresbyterian Church in the suburbs of Washington D.C., United States of America. M-Pesa is a branchless banking service, meaning that it is designed to enable users
Koleje MazowieckieBombardier. In 2011 the company bought 16 PESA ELF EMUs designated class EN76 and 4 SA135 DMUs also from PESA. As of April 2012, the company owns, leases
Kolzam RegioVanwith Kolzam ZNTK Poznan built the ZNTK Poznan Regio Tramp and Pesa with the Pesa 214M. After the declaration of bankruptcy by the manufacturer in August
Konkan Gyanpeeth College of EngineeringEntrance Test (MHT-CET) and Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) scores. MESA-PESA - Mechanical Engineering Students Association-Production Engineering Students
Pesa Elfan electric multiple unit developed by Polish rolling-stock manufacturer Pesa SA. It is intended for commuter and regional service where platform height
Phased array(PESA) is a phased array in which the antenna elements are connected to a single transmitter and/or receiver, as shown in the animation at top. PESAs are
SIM Application Toolkitextensive STK features. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) M-Pesa M-Pesa SIM Toolkit [1] Archived April 29, 2013, at the Wayback Machine.
Safaricomwhere many people do not have bank accounts. With M-PESA, the user can buy digital funds at any M-PESA agent and send that electric cash to any other mobile
San Casciano in Val di PesaSan Casciano in Val di Pesa is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Florence in the Italian region Tuscany, located about 15 kilometres (9 mi) southwest
Sarafu-CreditW.O., Richards, M.A. and Bendell, J., 2015. Complementary Currencies for Sustainable Development in Kenya: The Case of the Bangla-Pesa. International Journal
ScandicciFlorence, Impruneta, Lastra a Signa, Montespertoli, San Casciano in Val di Pesa, Signa. The settlement of Scandicci appeared in 1774 as Torri, and was later
Semen collectionSuch a collection is called per cutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration (PESA). Alternatively, the testicular tissue itself, instead of the sperm produced
Vasectomy reversalsperm aspiration (PESA procedure). testicular sperm extraction (TESE procedure) and open testicular biopsy. Needle aspiration a PESA procedure invariably
Veermata Jijabai Technological InstituteProduction Engineering Department and Production Engineering Students Association - PESA Rasayana Technical and Applied Chemistry Department Pro-Fiesta Management and
Viale Pasubioabandoned. Also well known to the Milanese people is the Antica Trattoria della Pesa, a historic restaurant dating back to 1880, which has preserved its original
Visby-class corvettewas changed due to cutbacks. A helicopter, such as the Agusta Westland A109M selected by Sweden, can land, take off, and refuel on the upper deck. A helicopter
Vishnu Savarapoverty line living in tribal areas Extension of Panchayats to Scheduled Area (PESA) - in that 5% (of budget of Tribal Government) to be allocated to the 2835
Vishnu Savarapoverty line living in tribal areas Extension of Panchayats to Scheduled Area (PESA) - in that 5% (of budget of Tribal Government) to be allocated to the 2835

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  Smart Tools Get PayBill Numbers - Need to pay your bills? Don't stress searching for the correct PayBill number. Just enter the name of the organisation and get the correct number easily: http://www.safaricom.co.ke/personal/tools/m-pesa-tools/paybill-numbers

  Smarttools M-PESA Rates - Know your M-PESA rates fast everytime you need to make a transaction. From the lowest amount to highest, find out the rates that apply using the M-PESA Rates tool: http://www.safaricom.co.ke/personal/tools/m-pesa-tools/m-pesa-rates

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