MasterCard Mobile Payments with Paypass creates contactless pay system

MasterCard Mobile Payments with Paypass
The MasterCard Mobile payment program provides applications and supporting services to enable a number of mobile offerings. The offering here is to deliver products and services that are directly related to payments made using mobile devices.

Mobile MasterCard PayPass is the contactless payments offering by MasterCard which allow enable cardholders to use the latest generation of mobile devices to perform PayPass transactions wherever PayPass is accepted.

With mastercard mobile payment program, there are five distinct areas of opportunity that the MasterCard Mobile program addresses:
  • Contactless payments
  • Person-to-person payments
  • Mobile commerce
  • Mobile top-up and reload
  • Information and marketing
This webpage provides details about contactless payments through Mobile MasterCard PayPass.

For information about other MasterCard Mobile program offerings, including person-to-person transfers, mobile commerce, mobile topup and reload, and information and marketing services, please visit website.

Contactless Payment

MasterCard contactless payment is divided between products, which can be implemented by vendors and deployed by hosts/issuers, and services, which are operated by MasterCard on behalf of issuers/hosts.

Mobile MasterCard PayPass is a contactless payment product developed by MasterCard that enables host issuers to add MasterCard PayPass functionality on a mobile phone, so that consumers can pay quickly-just 'tap and go'.

MasterCard operates a number of PayPass On-behalf Services to help host issuers deploy PayPass cards and devices.

For the successful deployment of Mobile MasterCard PayPass, by personalizing the mobile phone with payment account information efficiently and securely is the key to success.

MasterCard provides a robust, secure, and scaleable implementation option for host issuers, through its Over-the-Air Provisioning Service.

Person-to-Person Transfers

MasterCard enables Person-to-Person transfers through its MoneySend product, which allows consumers to use their mobile phones (or cell phones) to pay family and friends, via SMS, WAP or mobile applications.

Mobile Commerce

By mobile commerce, MasterCard products and services build upon the strong consumer demand for electronic commerce to ensure mobile commerce is made usable, scaleable, and secure.

Mobile Top-up and Reload

With mobile top-up and reload services, Mobile MasterCard rePower application allows consumers to add money to reloadable MasterCard or Maestro prepaid cards and other prepaid accounts, including mobile prepaid airtime.

Reloads can be made via mobile phone, ATM, the Web, and now face-to-face at participating merchant locations.

Information and Marketing Services

With information and marketing services, MasterCard enables a number of services that surround core transactions and enhance the user experience to drive loyalty or loyalty schemes.

These services include locator services, alerts, and directions.

The Mobile MasterCard ATM Locator offers location services and special merchant offers for restaurants and select retailers to registered MasterCard accountholders.

What is Mobile MasterCard PayPass?

Mobile MasterCard PayPass provides consumers with a payment choice that is convenient, simple, and fast to use.

Because consumers typically carry their mobile device, with a Mobile PayPass application loaded into this device, the consumer is provided with a highly convenient payment method.

In addition, Mobile MasterCard PayPass allows issuers to use the mobile device capabilities to enhance the payment experience with interactive features such as brand 'pop-ups' when account details are used.

For the host issuer, Mobile MasterCard PayPass delivers a payment solution that can be used at all PayPass acceptance points and provides an enhanced user experience capable of integrating with other services such as mobile banking.

Hosts issuers can integrate this offering into their existing systems by linking into the MasterCard Mobile Over-the-Air Provisioning Service....

A standalone Web service that provides secure, over-the-air personalization of cardholder payment details to NFC-enabled mobile phones.

Paypas Mobile MasterCard

Note that a Mobile MasterCard PayPass device is a companion device and will require that a card is issued to support some transactions, such as those above the PayPass Chargeback Protection Limit, or those performed at terminals that do not support PayPass.

MasterPass includes a digital wallet - in effect an app - that allows consumers to keep all their payment and loyalty card details as well as shipping addresses on their phone.

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