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Banks online mobile payment companies (such as HSBC, First Direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank) is planning to bring real-time mobile payments - in store, online and through apps;

Within users of phone and tablet apps, bringing the mobile payment technology to millions of United Kingdom (UK) customers by integrating its payment system into bank apps and tapping into the Faster Payments rails.

In UK, giant's supermarkets Asda, Sainsbury's, House of Fraser and Shop Direct are among major British retailers brands announcing their support for mobile payment systems.

Also major billers such as Anglian Water, Best Western, Bristol and Wessex Water, Clarks, Dune, East Surrey Water, QD Stores, Spar, Star stock, Sutton and Thomas Cook gives their support to this mobile payment solutions.

Not to be left out of mobile payment processing, charity sector through Oxfam and Charities Aid Foundation also gives their backing to mobile payment solutions.

At last the promise of a truly mobile payment systems and digital payment method will become a reality, meaning easier and more secure checkouts for millions by mobile payment processing companies.

It's amazing to have the support of such well known retailers by mobile payment companies.

Together with this huge support meaning that millions of consumers will be able to shop at tens of thousands of merchants up and down the UK.

Mobile Payments Bargains on Discount Voucher App

Can discounts/vouchers influence what you buy, where you shop or how you make payments?

Would you be looking to tap into UK love of a bargain with a new mobile app offering discounts from local and national retail brands?

Mobile payments provider VISA has come up with mobile approval payment solutions know as The Simply Rewards app, which features over a hundred offers from national and local brands.

Customers can use the discount voucher app to search for offers based on their location and across a range of categories such as entertainment, food, or travel.

The bargains discount voucher app also displays in priority order an offer to individual mobile payments customers based on their shopping spending history, ensuring that the most relevant offers are easily accessible.

This could be a winner for mobile payments processors if vouchers and bargains offers now play an important role in people's spending behaviour, if innovative new ways to help mobile payment systems customers find those deals and make their money go further.

Not only does the bargains discount voucher app give mobile payment systems customers a wide range of discounts, from everyday favourites to exclusive offers, it also highlights the best mobile payment offers based on how they are already spending their money.

Mobile Payment World and Apple iPhone 6

Mobile payment world is hot hot hot is for the mobile payment companies.

Apple iPhone payments or Apple iPhone 6 payments is the current buzz words within the Mobile payment world.

Apple iPhone 6 have not done anything really new. Apple payments just store the cards inside the iPhone just like search giant Google, Isis (now Softcard Isis) and Visa payments online already did.

Apple iPhone 6 uses a tokenization procedure to hide the sensitive data (many mobile payment companies offered that system before).

On the other hand, Apple has the best reputations in technology solutions in convincing regular people on using new products.

To use Apple Pay, apple iPhone users simply hold their finger over the Touch ID biometric fingerprint application and tap the device against the retailer's terminal.

Debit and Credit cards can be easily added to the app using accounts already stored on iTunes or by taking a snap using the phone's onboard camera.

Apply pay system uses Near-field or nearfield communication (NFC) antenna and a dedicated chip - the Secure Element - for storing encrypted and unique "Device Account Numbers" so that card numbers are never shared with merchants.

So, it will make many people believing in contactless payments or mobile payments; people that before didn't want to hear about this type of payments systems.

Apple iPhone 6 are storing a token of the card information in the secure element of the iPhone which is a big difference from storing the card information.

While the secure element lives up to its name, if someone were to hack the secure element of the apple iPhone 6, the information they would get would not permit them to replicate the user's card information on another form factor.

Of course the big risk is that should the token vault ever be compromised, it is game over.

It is a well known fact that Apple has an enormous customer base which could make the difference, assuming they are truly bringing new customers to merchant card services rather than just creating a new way to make payments.

Here is an added multiple context advantage which gives boost to Apple iPhone payments

  • Credit Card Processing Business Opportunity - Apple as a mobile payments systems company has a strong relationship with online credit card processing companies (MasterCard, Visa and American Express AmEx) and major banks online which gives it strong endorsement.

    Most of the accepting credit cards online companies are in the best target mobile payment market are partner with Apple pay.

    Therefore, Apple as product and service company, looking for online shopping card customers are easy catch for iPhone sales as well as use of Apple pay.

  • Secure payment services approach at device, network and transaction are essential for any secure online payment systems.

    Apple iPhone has biometric authentication in the form of finger print verification, iPhone 6 has separate secured chip based element for transaction and Host Card Emulation (HCE) and Tokenization based secure payment systems;

    And secured credit card transactions processing as instead of actual card number, 13/16/19 digit virtual card number flows across online merchants and banks online.

  • Contactless mobile payment and credit cards gets connected - Apple iPhone announcement of it's NFC mobile payments a doption to support NFC reinforces other NFC based initiatives by Softcard Isis and Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) as handset manufacturer which Apple could enter also.

  • Bring the opportunity to content and app developers for Apple iPhone to develop more on iTune and Apple Pay based apps thus resulting in substantial increase in revenue.
The Apple iPhone mobile payment nfc offering is not particularly unique, but the fact that the Apple brand is behind it, is the focal point of all marketing activities is.

Apple's brand will drive the uptake of NFC payments and help the entire iPhone ecosystem to reach critical mass for safe online shopping.

This should be a boon for Acquirers, Online credit card processing companies, Issuers, Apple's competitors such as Blackberry or Android etc, as well as banks online;

And 3rd parties who want to develop bespoke NFC contactless solutions. These can all ride on the back of Apple Pay who will break the ice.

The good news is that Apple is endorsing standards not inventing them. This confirms that NFC, EMV and Tokenisation should be the way forward for all acquirers, online credit card processing companies and issuers.

Ensuring there is one set of rules for the entire mobile payment systems market is critical to restoring confidence in security card services markets, and that's good for everyone involved.

Any payment processing company can connect to Apple Pay to provide your service to iPhone users and implement an HCE solution to support Android and Blackberry.

The customer experience will be very similar and the merchant acceptance will be identical.

Mobiles Payments, Contactless Wristbands and Wearable Devices

No need to carry any device, be it cash, card or phone, when you can use your handsets to make online purchases on the move.

You could get chips implanted in your fingers for the ultimate contactless payments. How about wearable contactless wristbands?

Some banks online have already issuing its first batch of the wearable payments technology to select customers.

The contactless wristband supports contactless EMV transactions, which can be performed at more than many payment terminals across the country.

The bands allows contactless payments of up to $30/ €25/ £20 with just a tap, and higher value credit card transactions require entering the user's PIN code.

Banks online customers will be able to choose between different colours, the wearable payment device and to contract them through the traditional channels.

Online banks App Store will alerts users via SMS immediately of any transactions made using the wearable payment device.

As a result, we are seeing an increase in the number of debit and credit card transactions being used. The money in our pocket is increasingly being displaced by the plastic in our wallet.

We're witnessing the growing trend for consumers to choose credit cards online over cash for purchases.

Some contactless payment users are already online and mobile savvy when it comes to shopping and will likely be among the first to adopt and pay using the latest devices like smart watches and digital wristbands and future-forward options like Internet-enabled vehicles and appliances.

Nonetheless, a billion card transactions in a month is a major milestone and this shows the trend society is heading in how we all spend.

Instead of walking around with load of paper notes money or pockets full of coins, we're increasingly choosing to use a card payment solutions instead.

With the rise in contactless transactions as a convenient way to make smaller payments, and online shopping too, its debit cards in particular that are leading the mobile payment rise.

Mobile payment technology systems

Enabling innovation with next generation mobile payment systems and technology solutions processing companies.

Changes in some product and services mobile systems might be less expensive as online mobile systems companies need to transform core processing capability to support front-end innovations driven by customer demand to follow Regulation and reduces risk and drive innovation to facilitates standardization.

Regulators seek to reduce risk, drive innovation and improve security to stimulate competition with mobile systems and services or payment systems - Accept credit and debit card payments.

Mobile systems companies should have a long-term vision for payments processing capability.

Already, half of the payments processing firms have state they're transforming their payments processing capability as a top priority in the short term to make their customer fast involving needs.

Apple's Secure Element on Chip and biometric access to the credentials, Plus NFC, and last but not least Apples world famous simplicity of use, should finally deliver the mobile payment experience we have been waiting for.

This will be a significant development in Apple building towards global acceptance for mobile payments, and their consequent knockon effect on the declining use of cash as a payment modality.

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