Mobile Ticketing App for Transport Systems

Mobile Ticketing App for Transport Systems

Will consumers be able to pay for their bus and train journeys through a mobile ticketing app, although NFC m-payments will not be an option until a few more years? The answer is yes and yes!

Many transports authorities are giving commuters free Android and iOS app access to the bus and rail networks, as well as trains and buses. Why?

So that Commuter Users can add transit value and load passes on their travel card, check account balances and receive real-time alerts.

To begin with, travelling Commuter passengers will still have to tap their card for journeys, although transport passengers will be able to purchase and display tickets on their smart phones using a prepaid account or personal credit or debit card.

Transport systems plan for more features, including the ability to order and to replace lost and stolen cards.

Also there is a possibility of having a multiagency transit tracking features, and an integrated regional trip planner.

It is anticipated that customers will be able to download a virtual travelling card onto their near-field or nearfield communication (NFC) enabled handsets so that they can pay for journeys with a tap of their phones.

Essentially, mobile ticketing app will put a travelling vending machine in your pocket, giving you the ability to manage your card account from wherever it's most convenient for you, whether you take bus coach or tube trains or metro, or all of them.

Using Contactless Payment Cards on Underground Tube in London

Commuters using the London underground tube network can now tap their contactless bank cards on the ticket barriers to pay for their journeys across the United Kingdom (UK).

This means you won't ever need to buy a ticket again and you can travel everywhere you want just with your contactless card.

Cardholders simply tap their contactless card to enter and exit. You can also use Mobile NFC devices to make your payment and it will be accepted.

Does this means that anyone who has a National Railcard, registered on their Oyster card, is going to have to stick with Oyster or lose their discount?

No! Customers without contactless bank cards will continue to benefit from cheaper fares through Transport for London's (TfL) Oyster card. Note that TfL will cap a day's spend at that of a daily ticket.

This is not the end of Oyster, and it's not the end of cash, but it is Contactless cards further displace of cash on London underground tube.

The move follows the abolition of cash on London's buses, and covers all tube, over ground, dockland Light Railway (DLR), commuter rail, South London tram and National Rail services that accept Oyster

The futures bright the future's contactless payment cards on transport network. The future shift to contactless has future-proofed the transport system for up-and-coming innovations in payments.

You can already use your mobile phones to make your payments and tap and go through the tube electronic turnstiles and Barriers - biometric access control system.

In the future it will open up many other connected devices as well, whether that's smart wristbands or smart watches.

There has been an incredible response to the launch of contactless payments on London Buses with many millions of contactless cards payment journeys made since it launched.

With the new launch by TfL, it will be another major boost to contactless payment usage leading to the three fold increase expectations in the next year.

To maximise the profits of contactless cards, Barclaycard is inviting Londoners to sign up for free bPay contactless payments bands.

Barclaycard online payment hopes its wearable device will let commuters pay for their journeys with a wave of their wrists and help avoid card clash.

Fast ticket mobile app

Simply collect your tickets from a FastTicket machine or download straight to your smart phone!

Yes! You can download the Arriva m-ticket mobile ticket app llc to your iPhone or Android handset. It's a secure, quick, easy and convenient way to buy Day, Weekly, 4-Weekly, Annual and sunday ticket mobile app.

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