Online Mobile Bill Payment

What is Online Mobile Bill Payment?

Online Mobile Bill Payment is a New Way to Pay Bills. Mobile bill payment makes paying bills with smart phones as easy as Point, Click and Pay.

The online mobile bill payment app eliminates the hassle of users setting up information for individual payee accounts because the bill pay app technology extracts the data from the bill photo image and automatically provides it to the financial institution's bill-processing system in the required format;

Smartphone users need to photograph or take a snap of their bills only once and payee information is automatically saved in the application's vendor list for future use;

How to pay mobile bill payment?

Mobile banking customers will now be able to pay old-fashioned paper bills the modern way by simply snapping pictures of the bills with their iPhones or smartphones.

With online bill payment, mobile phone users can submit electronic payments from their smartphones without having to write checks buy stamps or lick stamps visit a payment location or post office or even use their personal computers.

Mobile bill payment customers will simply take pictures of the bills and Mobile Bill Payment apps does the rest - correcting image distortion, reading relevant data and processing the transactions through the users banks.

Mobile online Bill Payment apps is available for inclusion in mobile applications for smartphone, iPhone devices from Apple, supporting a number of other smartphones and OS (operating systems)...

Including Samsung galaxy s7 edge, BlackBerry, and devices that run on the Google Android and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platforms.

Mobile Bill Payment online is highly secure, accurate, fast and easy to use. The application allows Banks and financial institutions to give their consumer and business customers a convenient and flexible new option for quickly paying their bills.

For instance, during a stop for coffee between appointments or a dentist appointment, a busy consultant could use his or her smartphone or iPhone to point, shoot and pay bills for his office rent and professional association membership fees.

In today's fast-paced world, we work and play from anywhere, making smartphones the devices of choice for those always on the go.

More and more, we're managing much of our lives through our smartphones, and mobile online bill payment apps have made a breakthrough way to pay bills anywhere, anytime.

Once a user establish online bill payment arrangements with his or her banks as part of their banking, cash management or credit union accounts, users of Mobile Bill Payment online can initiate e-bill payment sessions on their smartphones, then simply snap photos of the bills they want to pay, verify the payment information and click on the app's "PAY" button.

Financial transactions conclude with verification that the users' bills have been paid and electronic payments have been sent from their bank account or financial institutions.

Mobile Bill Payment online apps integrate easily into existing mobile banking applications and also benefits financial institutions by:

Allowing them to extract pertinent customer-account data from bills via optical character recognition (OCR) and/or intelligent character recognition (ICR);

Enhancing users mobile banking applications with best-in-class features;

Keeping all customer communication, image processing and data extraction completely encapsulated and secure.

This is an idea mobile bill payment example of how core competency and patented technology in secure image capture, analytics and processing can be applied to a new area for the benefit of both users and the financial institutions.

In this era of technology globalization of smartphones, we see Mobile Online Bill Payment as a major convenience for users and one more way for the financial institutions to strengthen bonds with their customers and ultimately increase loyalty.

With bsnl postpaid mobile bill payment, what really differentiates from family bsnl offers is the dynamic extraction of data from any invoice or bill, regardless of layout.

That's not easy, but bsnl postpaid mobile bill (or payment idea) process makes transactions simpler for the user, results in a superior consumer experience and lowers the cost of ownership (payment bsnl) for the bank.

Payment idea on how-to family postpaid bsnl offers could be the most widely deployed mobile remote data capture (RDC) capability for financial services, which allows users to deposit checks simply by snapping photos of their checks and transmitting them to their banks.

A number of leading banks, integrators of technology solutions and applications services providers for the financial services industry are seriously looking into online mobile bill payment.

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