Pay Attitude|PayAttitude Contactless Payment Solution That Never Fails

PayAttitude|Pay Attitude contactless payment solution that never fails

What is Pay Attitude?
How does pay attitude work?

PayAttitude is a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, with an internal chip which works on NFC-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminals at designated partner locations across African Continent.

The pan-African particularly Nigerian payment industry financial services group in conjunction with Unified Payment Systems Limited ( introduces "PayAttitude" - a faster and seamless, contactless payment solution that never fails.

Pay attitude is a new African payment solution that makes it possible for a customer to make payments for goods and services with an adhesive payment tag attachable to mobile phones or flat surfaces.

It is as easy as tapping the phone against a PoS terminal. Highly convenient for retail transactions, it perfectly suits the lifestyle of mobile phone users.

PayAttitude is the new m-payment system or Mobile payment system solution that a consortium of six African Banks in Nigeria have introduced to Unified Payments electronic money transaction scheme known as PayAttitude.

The six African banks are Access Bank, Diamond Bank, First Bank of Nigeria Ltd, Skye Bank, United Bank of Nigeria UBA and Zenith Bank in collaboration with Unified Payments to drive novelty in service delivery and convenient mobile payment system.

PayAttitude will be available at partnerbanks, supermarkets, retail outlets and authorised agents. Do you PayAttitude and POS terminal promise to work as one? To make transactions possible at all times? Yes we do!

Pay Attitude uses NFC technology to convert the mobile phone of a subscriber or customer to an NFC device and link the mobile phone to their debit or Prepaid mobile wallets enabling them to debit their accounts for different payment transactions.

An Offline Payment Transaction Wizards!

Today, most payment transactions are authorized online. Therefore, shops, supermarkets or retail outlets, you're buying goods from have to get an authorization approval from your debits/credit cards issuer.

If they cannot reach your card issuer due to PoS connectivity issues or network availability problems that may arise either from the merchant's bank or the customer's bank, YOU cannot buy the products or services you needs.

This is where pay attitude makes a difference.

The PayAttitude solution boasts 100 percent approval rate for all transactions at all times, since transactions are authorised offline up to the value of the customer's mobile wallet subscription with the Bank.

The payattitude's chip-and-pin enabled functionality, means that a customer's unique PIN must be entered on the acceptance device before any transactions are approved, so that helps to guard against fraud or any unauthorised use of the payattitude solution.

PayAttitude will authorise PayAttitude transactions even when there is no network connection or when an internet connection does not exist? Now I pronounce you POS terminal and PayAttitude joint solutions for payments - PayAttitude commercial will say.

With your payattitude enabled phone...It's a YES everytime you make a POS transaction.

If you want happier customers, more people in-store and to get as many sales as possible during peak times then you should choose PayAttitude contactless, tag and go!

This payment type (pay attitude) is fast becoming the norm as customers demand more convenient ways to pay without compromising on security.

NFC contactless PayAttitude can also save you money on Chip and PIN transaction fees and reduce the burden of managing cash on your business premises.

Looking for PayAttitude Tags?

The payattitude tag can be obtained from designated banks business offices.

Banking customers can get PayAttitude Debit or/and PayAttitude Prepaid depending on a customer's preference.

The introduction of this technology only reinforces our commitment to the creation of innovative payment solutions.

Payment Gateways in Nigeria

Nigeria has many fantastic secured payment platforms which has evolved in terms of contactless payment convenience. Many of them has a first class integration work flow, vulnerability, documentation, support, setup convenience and limitations.

Here is the lists of top secured payment gateway platforms:-

  • Cash Envoy* - Just implement it the way it is described in the documentation manual as it is straight forward and not obscure.

  • Pay Attitude* - The overkill documentation but connecting to the gateway is the most difficult part.

  • Interswitch Webpay or Quickteller* - the pace setter for the Nigerian IT industry.

  • IOnePay* - Similar to Pay4Me except for that base64 encoding in the header of your request.

  • UBA Payment Gateway*
  • Diamond pay
  • Global pay
  • Fidelity Pay
  • Stanbic Pay
  • Vogue Pay and many others
      * = one of the top payment gateway platforms

Issuer Bank Institution
of PayAttitude Tag

  • Access Bank
  • Citibank
  • Diamond Bank
  • Eco bank Nigeria
  • Enterprise Bank Limited

  • Fidelity Bank Nigeria
  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • First City Monument Bank
  • FSDH Merchant Bank

  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Heritage Bank Plc.
  • Keystone Bank Limited
  • Mainstreet Bank Limited
  • Rand Merchant Bank

  • Savannah Bank
  • Skye Bank
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank Nigeria Limited
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sterling Bank

  • Union Bank of Nigeria
  • United Bank for Africa UBA
  • Unity Bank Plc.
  • Wema Bank
  • Zenith Bank

PayAttitude has produced a quick and easy guide for small businesses keen to join the mobile debit/credit cards contactless revolution.

It should help you to work out what questions to ask of your payments provider and how to successfully roll-out this new technology.

Remember: fail to offer your customers the new ways to pay they're demanding and it could cost you valuable business.

Also, remember that to guard against fraud or unauthorised use, PayAttitude transactions are Chip and Pin enabled and holder's unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) must be entered on the acceptance device before transactions are approved.

Contactless payments have more than quadruple!

Many firms mistakenly think that contactless PayAttitude isn't relevant to them, as right now it only covers transactions up to N5,000 Naira or more.

In reality, we expect the pay attitude contactless limit will be raised in the next couple of years, broadening its appeal to all businesses.

In fact, High Value Near Field Communication has already launched, allowing customers to tap and pay with their mobile phones or smartphones for any value just by entering their PIN on their handset.

Another key question is security, but payattitude contactless merges convenience with security, with several key controls in place to protect you and your customers.

These include:

  • a transaction limit;
  • a limit on the number of consecutive PayAttitude contactless transactions before a customer is asked for their PIN;
  • and cover if the card is used fraudulently.

Big high street names like Mr Biggs - Fast Food Restaurant Company and Tantalizers Fast Food have also rolled out contactless, helping to broaden its appeal as shoppers get more and more familiar with the technology.

In short, pay Attitude contactless allows small businesses to provide their customers with a quick, secure and user-friendly way to pay: a win-win for your business and customers alike.

You won't be alone in your Pay Attitude contactless journey.

You should switch to contactless pay Attitude if you:

  • Sell goods costing under N5,000 Naira
  • Serve a lot of customers at peak times e.g. cafe at lunchtime.
  • Are worried long queues at the till may be costing your business in lost sales.
  • Are upgrading or replacing your terminals.
  • You want happier customers.

Pay Attitude is a Chip and Pin enabled tag-type contactless solution that is linked to customers' prepaid mobile wallet, enabling access to their account(s) for different payment transactions simply in a tap and go fashion.

The PayAttitude tag is carried on the mobile phone and suits the lifestyle of mobile phone users, being convenient for retail transactions by tapping the phone against the PoS terminal.

The PayAttitude tag card is ready to be issued in selected branches and would be deployed in some banks locations in due course.

PayAttitude guarantees smarts mobile users the confidence and comfort of successful mobile payment for goods and services at merchant locations at all times, notwithstanding the challenges of communications or unavailability of network in the merchant's bank or the customer's bank.

Employee Pay Attitude survey

An interesting finding from the 2022 Employee Pay Attitude survey is that most public sector workers are expecting a pay rise in 2023 that is the same or at least higher than the one they enjoyed in 2021

However, despite most public sector workers seeing their pay go up in 2022, many were not as appreciative as those private sector workers who got a pay increase.

The most common reason given for pay dissatisfaction was that the increase did not keep with the rate of inflation.

Given that Retail Prices Index (RPI) was negative for most of 2022, either public sector workers started using a different measure of inflation to judge their pay rise, such as the Consumer Prices Index (CPI), or they were looking back over a longer period over which they perceive that their pay did not keep pace with RPI.

Reassuringly, respondents to Employee Pay Attitude survey were reasonably confident in their employers' ability to assess their individual (a net satisfaction score) and their team's (a net satisfaction score) performance.

However, while employees may feel that their employer is able to differentiate between star and good performers, what impact this has when they realise that they are not regarded as star material remains to be seen.

Rather like the private sector, public sector employers will need to focus on employee reward communication over the next few years to better manage staff pay expectations by articulating what values, attitudes, performances and behaviours they require and how they will reward and recognise given that budgets will be constrained.

Another key source of grievance for the public sector workers regarding their pay award is that it did not reflect their performance, according to the Employee Pay Attitude survey.

Yet this report reveals that linking pay and performance is not widespread in the public sector.

However, this may be a good thing as the pay attitude survey finds that most public sector employees don't believe that their employer is able to assess/measure good performance. If reward is going to recognise an element of individual or collective .


How "PayAttitude" turns your mobile phone or smartphone into a payment card.

Did you know that PayAttitude contactless terminal can plunges into a sea of multiple terminals at a merchant location? Also, there are NFC terminals in place as well as a virtual prepaid wallet.

Wanna Pay with Ease? Then pay with pay attitude. Whether pay attitude or Praise Attitude it will opens all doors for your businesses. As many has testify and see an increase in Mobile payments in Nigeria with the introduction of Pay Attitude UBA.

It's good to believe in greatness in the ability to achieve the unachievable to reach unreachable heights and scrod the notion.

So much more through the PayAttitude contactless transactions on your POS terminal device. With the PayAttitude Tag, all you need to do for payments is Tap-and-Go. No worries, No hassles, it's just easy!

Just make instant payments at malls and tolls on POS terminals with or without internet connections using your PayAttitude. Again, it's Fast 'tap-and-go' checkout process.

Can't pay won't pay' attitude does not help anybody. Pay with Attitude is TRULY most innovative way to make financial transaction and settle Bills. A VISA MasterCard tap and go Mobile Payment Solution.

PayAttitude is a chip-and-pin tag-type contactless solution that uses Near Field Communication to enable transactions. Which is super easy and convenient transactions with PayAttitude!

PayAttitude Global is a company (in Nigeria) delivering the next generation of innovative and inclusive payment solutions.

70 Questions and Answers About PayAttitude
Contactless Payment Solutions

Below are some of the Commonly asked questions about the PayAttitude:

Pay Attitude Question 1: What is a contactless e-payment card?
PayAttitude Answer 1: A contactless e-payment card is a payment instrument, usually in the form of a plastic card, provided by the "issuer" (issuing institution) to the cardholder;

So that you can access a communications network and based on the account associated with the card, you may purchase goods or services, make payments, withdraw cash and/or conduct other transactions.

The e-payment card allows the holder to validate the transaction that he/she wishes to carry out.

Pay Attitude Question 2: What is a contactless Debit card?
PayAttitude Answer 2: Contactless Debit card - This card is associated with a current/savings account.

When the cardholder uses it for payments, cash withdrawals at ATMs or transfers, the corresponding amount is debited from the holder's current/savings account instantly.

This means that there is an equivalent reduction in the demand deposit account balance.

This type of card is best described by its debit function. A debit card allows its holder to "buy now and pay now". It is therefore more convenient and safer to carry than cash or cheques.

Pay Attitude Question 3: What is contactless Credit card?
PayAttitude Answer 3: Contactless Credit card - This card is associated with a "card account" and a credit line.

When the cardholder uses this card to make payments or obtain cash advances, you benefits from a credit line extended by the issuer (which may or may not be a bank).

Therefore this type of card is best described by its credit functions. A credit card allows its holder to "buy now and pay later".

Pay Attitude Question 4: What is contactless Prepaid Card?
PayAttitude Answer 4: Contactless Prepaid Card - This card is equipped with a Chip that allows the cardholder to load money unto it.

Usually it is limited to a pre-set maximum amount. When it is used, there is a corresponding reduction in the available amount.

This type of card is best described by its prepaid functions. A typical example is Unified Payments e-purse. A pre-paid card allows its holder to pay now and buy later.

Pay Attitude Question 5: In terms of capabilities, what is an e-payment card single function?
PayAttitude Answer 5: Single function card - This card exclusively performs a single function, which by its classification means that the card is used to perform a single activity i.e. payment or cash withdrawal.

Pay Attitude Question 6: In terms of capabilities, what is an e-payment card multi-function?
PayAttitude Answer 6: Dual or multi-function card - This card type combines more than one type of function;

For example, a card that has payment capabilities as well as capability to support other non-payment activities e.g. access control, storage of pension or health insurance data.

Pay Attitude Question 7: By their physical attributes, what is e-payment cards Magnetic Stripe based?
PayAttitude Answer 7: Magnetic stripe card - This type of card, often times called Magstripe Card, stores the cardholder's data on a black band of magnetic material on the back of the card.

The magnetic stripe is read by physical contact with an acquiring device through insertion or swiping of the card through a reading device.

Pay Attitude Question 8: By their physical attributes, what is e-payment cards CHIP based?
PayAttitude Answer 8: Chip card - A Chip card is a plastic card whose cardholder data is stored in a miniature integrated circuit material embedded on the front face of the card.

It has various tamper-resistant properties which makes it more secure than the Magstripe card. It is popularly referred to as "smart card".

Chip cards can store encrypted confidential information such as account data which is extremely difficult to copy.

Alongside its function of being used as a credit or debit card, it can also be used as an Access Control, Health, and/or a Social Insurance card, amongst other functionalities.

Pay Attitude Question 9: Can the same bank account have more than one e-payment card associated with it?
PayAttitude Answer 9: Yes. For instance, a family head may request his bank to issue Payment cards to one or more members of his family linked to his primary card account.

Also, a company can request several corporate or travel cards for its officers, all linked to the company's account.

Pay Attitude Question 10: Can store cards be considered to be e-payment cards?
PayAttitude Answer 10: No. Cards issued exclusively (For example, supermarket chains and oil companies) are not e-payment cards.

These are store cards or retailer cards which allow payments only bat the stores issuing them. They cannot be used at ATMs or other merchants' Point of Sale terminals.

Their use may however translate into discounts and/or credit for the cardholder.

Pay Attitude Question 11: Who is a merchant?
PayAttitude Answer 11: A merchant is a businessperson who trades in commodities produced by others, in order to earn a profit or any business outfit that accepts e-payment card as a means of payment in exchange for goods or services.

Pay Attitude Question 12: What does it take for a merchant to accept Payment Cards?
PayAttitude Answer 12: Simple! The prospective merchant simply signs up with Unified Payment Services Limited, so that Unified Payments can deploy PoS device to his/her outlet.

Pay Attitude Question 13: What is PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 13: PayAttitude Premium is a Chip-and-Pin tag-type contactless solution based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology;

That converts a subscriber/customer's mobile phone handset to an NFC device and links the handset to the subscriber/customer's 15 accounts.

Plus ePurse enabling the subscriber/ customer to debit his/her account(s) for both Remote/Distant and Proximity/ Contactless payment transactions.

Pay Attitude Question 14: What is PayAttitude Debit Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 14: PayAttitude Debit is a Chip-and-Pin tag-type contactless solution based on Near Field Communication technology;

That converts a subscriber/ customer's mobile phone handset to an NFC device and links the handset to the subscriber/ customer's Debit account.

Plus ePurse account enabling the subscriber/ customer to debit his/her account(s) for different Proximity/ Contactless payment transactions.

Pay Attitude Question 15: What is PayAttitude Prepaid Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 15: PayAttitude Prepaid Plus is a Chip-and-Pin tag-type contactless solution based on Near Field Communication technology;

That converts a subscriber/ customer's mobile phone handset to an NFC device and links the handset to the subscriber/ customer's Prepaid/ Mobile money account.

Plus ePurse account enabling the subscriber/ customer to debit his/her Prepaid/ Mobile money account(s) for different Proximity/ Contactless payment transactions

Pay Attitude Question 16: What type of financial transactions can I do with PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 16: Proximity/Contactless Transactions for all variants of PayAttitude

Make contactless payments for goods purchased at Merchant locations;

For example, retail supermarkets, pharmacy shops, bookshops, hotels, restaurants, bars, eateries, toll gates/plaza, parking lots etc...

Withdrawal of cash at ATMs
Withdrawal of cash using POS at Merchants locations (Cashback)
Make payment for regular bills like DSTV, PHCN, Internet Access etc...
Purchase of airtime - both PIN and virtual top-up
Transfer funds from a Bank account to another and from a Bank account to an e-Wallet
Make balance enquiries on your bank account and e-Wallet
Generate mini-statements
Remote/Distant Transactions for only Premium

Pay Attitude Question 17: Why do I need the Plus or Offline ePurse. What are the benefits to the holder?
PayAttitude Answer 17: The benefits to the holder are;
The holder can spend whatever amount he/she has on his e-purse at any PayAttitude merchant shop.

The holder has no fear of network connection. All transactions within limit will be successful.

Pay Attitude Question 18: Where can I purchase PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 18: PayAttitude packs can be purchased at branches of participating banks, selected agent locations; For example all major supermarkets, pharmacy shops, shopping malls, bookshops, eateries etc...

Pay Attitude Question 19: Where can I purchase PayAttitude Debit Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 19: PayAttitude packs can be purchased ONLY at branches of participating banks.

Pay Attitude Question 20: Where can I purchase PayAttitude Prepaid Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 20: PayAttitude packs can be purchased at branches of participating banks, selected agent locations e.g. all major supermarkets, pharmacy shops, shopping malls, bookshops, eateries etc...

Pay Attitude Question 21: How many accounts can I link to PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 21: You can link as many as 15 bank accounts to your PayAttitude Premium with up to 3 accounts per bank.

Pay Attitude Question 22: What are the contents of my PayAttitude Premium pack?
PayAttitude Answer 22: Your PayAttitude pack upon purchase contains a SIM - like sleeve called "Secure Element", a square-shaped tag with adhesive and a User manual.

Pay Attitude Question 23: What are the contents of my PayAttitude DebitPlus/Prepaid Plus pack?
PayAttitude Answer 23: Your PayAttitude pack upon purchase contains a square-shaped Tag with adhesive and a User manual { or}

Pay Attitude Question 24: What do I need to have before buying PayAttitude pack?
PayAttitude Answer 24: A functional mobile phone with a SIM card.

Pay Attitude Question 25: Do I need to subscribe to data services of the Telcos for Internet connection before using PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 25: No! You don't. PayAttitude works without internet access on your phone.

Pay Attitude Question 26: What is PIN and how do I obtain it?
PayAttitude Answer 26: PIN stands for Personal Identification Number.

It is a 4-digit number known only to you and is used to authenticate transactions done with your PayAttitude.

Your PIN of choice is selected by you during the subscription process.

Pay Attitude Question 27: What do I need to do to start using my PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 27: You will need to install and activate it by doing the following:

Proceed to the nearest branch of your bank where you have a bank account if you purchased it from a non-bank location and request for subscription and activation of your PayAttitude.

Request for subscription and activation if purchased from a bank branch.

Your PayAttitude will be linked to your bank account and you can immediately start enjoying the functionalities of Pay Attitude.

Pay Attitude Question 28: What do I need to do to start using my PayAttitude Debit Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 28: Visit any of the participating banks branch and request to be subscribed to PayAttitude DebitPlus.

Pay Attitude Question 29: What do I need to do to start using my PayAttitude Prepaid Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 29: Visit any of the participating banks branch/ Agent locations and request to be subscribed to PayAttitude Prepaid Plus?

Pay Attitude Question 30: Is my PayAttitude protected from unauthorized usage?
PayAttitude Answer 30: Yes. A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is required before transaction can be successfully carried out.

Pay Attitude Question 31: How do I link my accounts in other banks to my PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 31: Simply proceed to the bank where you have other accounts and request to link your account(s) to it.

Pay Attitude Question 32: Is my bank account debited when I make contactless payments at Merchant shops with my PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 32: For Online transactions, your bank account will be debited while for Offline transactions your e-purse will be debited.

So, you must ensure availability of adequate fund in your bank account at all times for online transactions and adequate funds in your e-purse at all times for offline transactions.

Pay Attitude Question 33: Is my bank account/prepaid account debited when I make contactless payments at Merchant shops with my PayAttitude DebitPlus/Prepaid Plus?
PayAttitude Answer 33: For Online transactions, your bank account/prepaid account will be debited while for Offline transactions your e-purse will be debited.

So, you must ensure availability of adequate fund in your bank account/prepaid account at all times for online transactions and adequate funds in your e-purse at all times for offline transactions.

Pay Attitude Question 34: How do I fund my e-wallet?
PayAttitude Answer 34: You can fund your e-Wallet using various options below:

Transfer funds from your bank account(s) to your e-wallet.

The transfer may be done at a bank branch, PoS at agent locations or by yourself if you have PayAttitude Premium.

Make cash deposit at Merchant's location into your e-Wallet

Pay Attitude Question 35: Can I withdrawal cash with my PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 35: Yes. By generating one-time transaction code you can:

Make cash withdrawals (a) on the ATM; (b) using the POS at Merchant locations if you have PayAttitude Premium or at merchant locations only if you have Debit or Prepaid.

Make purchases on the internet if you have PayAttitude Premium.

Pay Attitude Question 36: Do I require special mobile phone or Telco before using PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 36: No. PayAttitude works with all types of GSM phone and all Telco networks.

Pay Attitude Question 37: If my PayAttitude enabled mobile phone is stolen, misplaced or lost, can an unauthorized party have access to the funds in my bank account(s) and/or e-Wallet?
PayAttitude Answer 37: No. Every transaction is protected with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) known only to the holder.

Also, for PayAttitude premium users, the PayAttitude items; Therefore, Secure Element and Tag cannot be used by any other mobile phone with a different SIM card except the holder's original SIM card that was registered with the PayAttitude

Pay Attitude Question 38: Where can I use my PayAttitude to make payments?
PayAttitude Answer 38: To find out where you can use your PayAttitude, click here to view the list of Pay Attitude accepting Merchants locations { or}

Pay Attitude Question 39: Is PayAttitude safe and secure?
PayAttitude Answer 39: Yes. This is because; PayAttitude runs on a platform that is compliant with EMV, PCI DSS Standards - These are the highest form of international security standards available.

The data exchanges are encrypted end to end. Transactions are protected with a PIN. In case of stolen phone, your PIN protects you against unauthorized use.

Pay Attitude Question 40: Where can I get help and more information about PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 40: Please send an email to

Pay Attitude Question 41: Will I receive a notification when my monthly subscription is about to expire?
PayAttitude Answer 41: Yes. You will be notified that your subscription will be expiring at a particular day.

Pay Attitude Question 42: What should I do when my e-wallet or bank account is wrongly debited?
PayAttitude Answer 42: Kindly visit your bank branch or send an email to or call the customer care on the number shown below and to lay your complain.

Pay Attitude Question 43: What should I do if my phone is misplaced, stolen or lost?
PayAttitude Answer 43: You can take the following actions:

Call Customer Care Centre number shown below and request for your PayAttitude to be disabled.

Visit any branch of your issuer bank and request for your PayAttitude to be disabled.

Pay Attitude Question 44: What are the transaction limits on PayAttitude?
PayAttitude Answer 44: This is governed by the limits that exists on your bank account and CBN regulations for offline transactions, the set limit is N1,000,000 Naira per day maximum N250,000 Naira per transactions

Pay Attitude Question 45: Do I need to have airtime on my phone to use PayAttitude Premium?
PayAttitude Answer 45: You don't need airtime for Contactless/proximity transactions.

For Remote/distant transactions, you need just enough airtime to use SMS.

Pay Attitude Question 46: How will offline transactions be stopped when a phone is stolen?
PayAttitude Answer 46: You can take the following actions:

Call our Customer Care Centre/ issuer bank contact center and request for e-purse to be deactivated.

Visit any branch of your issuer bank and request for your e-purse to be deactivated.

Pay Attitude Question 47: What will happen to existing POS terminals that are not NFC enabled?
PayAttitude Answer 47: There will be add-ons for some terminals while some terminals will need to be replaced.

Pay Attitude Question 48: What will be the validation for transactions done?
PayAttitude Answer 48: The consumers will need to put in their PINs for validation.

Pay Attitude Question 49: Is the PIN Validation Online real time?
PayAttitude Answer 49: Yes it is.

Pay Attitude Question 50: How will prepaid customers load their tags?
PayAttitude Answer 50: They can go to the nearest merchant location or the nearest bank to them to load tags.

Pay Attitude Question 51: Can already existing NFC phone transact on NFC enabled tags?
PayAttitude Answer 51: Yes, as long as they have PayAttitude.

Pay Attitude Question 52: Are the remote transactions encrypted?
PayAttitude Answer 52: Yes they are.

Pay Attitude Question 53: Can the tags be removed from one phone to another?
PayAttitude Answer 53: Yes they can

Pay Attitude Question 54: How long does it take for settlement?
PayAttitude Answer 54: Settlement takes the usual T+1

Pay Attitude Question 55: Will a customer be able to do PIN Change?
PayAttitude Answer 55: Yes. You can at authorized Merchant locations.

Pay Attitude Question 56: Will there be charges for ATM code withdrawal?
PayAttitude Answer 56: Yes there will

Pay Attitude Question 57: Can the tags be damaged by water, heat sunlight, etc? { or}
PayAttitude Answer 57: Yes it will. Little drops of water may not damage it but if dropped into a bucket of water for instance, the tag will be damaged.

Even heat and exposure to sunlight damages tag.

Pay Attitude Question 58: Can an already registered tag be re-registered?
PayAttitude Answer 58: No. It can't.

Pay Attitude Question 59: Can Bill collections be done on NFC enabled POS terminals?
PayAttitude Answer 59: Yes.

Pay Attitude Question 60: Can Contact Centers have the Privilege to block tags?
PayAttitude Answer60: Yes.

Pay Attitude Question 61: How do you validate a customer calling for a tag to be blocked?
PayAttitude Answer 61: Certain questions will be asked

Pay Attitude Question 62: Do customers pay transaction charges after the monthly subscription?
PayAttitude Answer 62: There are no charges for payments to merchants. Convenience fees may be charged for certain transactions.

Pay Attitude Question 63: Will the PayAttitude Premium users have an app on their phone?
PayAttitude Answer 63: No app is required. The PayAttitude SE and Tag are adequate.

Pay Attitude Question 64: Can the fund on the customer's e-purse be transferred back to his bank account?
PayAttitude Answer 64: Yes, on the request of the customer.

Pay Attitude Question 65: What differentiates the tags?
PayAttitude Answer 65: The tags are only differentiated at subscription, when the tag is mapped to a PayAttitude variant.

Pay Attitude Question 66: Can the serial number on tag be repeated?
PayAttitude Answer 66: No.

Pay Attitude Question 67: Can the tag ID be repeated?
PayAttitude Answer 67: No.

Pay Attitude Question 68: Can the CSO print out comprehensive customer data from the PayAttitude Client?
PayAttitude Answer 68: Yes.

Pay Attitude Question 69: Can a PayAttitude tag be linked to a bank's existing e-wallet?
PayAttitude Answer 69: Yes.

Pay Attitude Question 70: Is PayAttitude going to be interoperable?
PayAttitude Answer 70: Yes. Which bank will PayAttitude Prepaid tags be mapped to?


You can reach out to the pay attitude customer services (or payattitude global support) or call centre if you have any of the following payattitude tag issues

1. Enquiries on all PayAttitude Packages,
2. Merchant related Issues,
3. All card related issues,
4. POS Deployment,
5. Web Integration enquiries and,
6. Settlement related Issues.

Contact Address:

3, Idowu Taylor Street,
P.O. Box 70767,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.

Mobile: +234 (0) 7008643433 (0700unified)
Telephone: +234 1 2703010, +234 1 2703011,
+234 1 2703012, +234 1 2703013, +234 1 2703014

Fax: +234 1 2703011,

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