101 Quotable Quotes About Money and Life

Quotable quotes about money

Quotes About Money

The people who try to fail are infinitely better than those who try to do nothing and succeed.

The Gateway to success is a directional and extremely way to help you imagine and think about somthing you would like to be or archive in this competitive global world.

It is also a way to make you have or be something esecially one that seems difficult to achieve.

How would you define real success in life? In the minds of many people, success means the making of a great deal of money or achieving fame and recognition. Is it really all about money?

But haven't we all known people, who possessing a great deal of money,fame or both, that are failures?

And haven't we all see people with little money who are great successes?

The principles of true success are these:

Are you developing your spiritual life?
Are you making one step at a time?
Do you have vision and wisdom?
Do you know what is important to you?
Do you have focus and concentration?

It's not all about money. If money comes to you along with all these values, that is good. Having Desire, Goal setting and proper planning is what you should really focus on. It's not all about money.

And the next logical question is, how do you go about doing this?

First, desire to succeed, set a goal for yourself and make a proper plan towards actualizing your dream.

This may not be easy,but the rewards of living by specific values in your life are enormous and gratifying.

You see, the Gateway to success when carefully and diligently applied, will bring happiness, satisfaction and success to any man or woman regardless of age or circumstances.

101 Quotable Quotes
About Money & Life

Below are some of the commonly quotes about money, life and teaching kids about money for all who aspire to be great in life.

Quotable Quotes 1:
Quotes About Money 1: The stronger the boat of democracy, the more it is able to meet the challenges of its voyage and deliver on its promise to citizens.

Quotable Quotes 2:
Quotes About Money 2: The air of freedom we breathe today is the result of the sacrifices of thousands of pro-democracy activists, human rights campaigners and others who organised as civil society.

Quotable Quotes 3:
Quotes About Money 3: My political ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian...{Goodluck Jonathan}

Quotable Quotes 4:
Quotes About Money 4: No minister will be allowed to go on a mission of endless search for solutions.

Quotable Quotes 5:
Quotes About Money 5: In the comfort of our offices, let us not forget that majority of our people live below the poverty line.

Quotable Quotes 6:
Quotes About Money 6: Terrorism has no conscience and spares no one.

Quotable Quotes 7:
Quotes About Money 7: Any society or country that closes the vital valves of its democratic space cannot develop at a reasonable pace.

Quotable Quotes 8:
Quotes About Money 8: Where there is no opportunity for one man one vote, there will be no accountability and no responsibility.

Quotable Quotes 9:
Quotes About Money 9: Democracy is a journey that every nation mindful of advancing the liberty of its citizens must undertake.

Quotable Quotes 10:
Quotes About Money 10: Nobody's political ambition is worth the blood of any Nigerian...{Goodluck Ebele Jonathan}

Quotable Quotes 11:
Quotes About Money 11: Our votes must count! One man, one vote! One woman, one vote! One youth, one vote!

Quotable Quotes 12:
Quotes About Money 12: Nobody should rig for me. I am assuring Nigerians that though I am contesting, nobody must manipulate votes in my favour. Our votes must count....{Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan}

Quotable Quotes 13:
Quotes About Money 13: I congratulate the candidates of the other political parties. I regard them not as opponents but as partners.

Quotable Quotes 14:
Quotes About Money 14: In presenting myself for service, I make no pretense that I have a magic wand that will solve all of Nigeria's problems or that I am the most intelligent Nigerian.

Quotable Quotes 15:
Quotes About Money 15: I have come to launch a campaign of ideas, not one of calumny. I have come to preach love, not hate. I have come to break you away from divisive tendencies of the past which have slowed our drive to true nationhood. I have no enemies to fight. You are all my friends and we share a common destiny.

Quotable Quotes 16:
Quotes About Money 16: Democracy calls for sacrifice and tolerance an open ear and a strong voice.

Quotable Quotes 17:
Quotes About Money 17: For the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) family, the contest for party offices does not produce winners and losers.

Quotable Quotes 18:
Quotes About Money 18: I believe in the politics of give and take.

Quotable Quotes 19:
Quotes About Money 19: Separation of power is not separation of government.

Quotable Quotes 20:
Quotes About Money 20: We are all Nigerians and I will be a President to all. This is the new dawn we crave.

Quotable Quotes 21:
Quotes About Money 21: Our unity is firm, our purpose strong, our determination unshakable.

Quotable Quotes 22:
Quotes About Money 22: Being a Nigerian is a blessing and a great responsibility.

Quotable Quotes 23:
Quotes About Money 23: We have a duty to be loyal to our country.

Quotable Quotes 24:
Quotes About Money 24: If God did not will it we will not be Nigerians.

Quotable Quotes 25: .
Quotes About Money 25: Our founding fathers... did not dream of a country where neighbours and friends would exchange bullets in place of handshakes.

Quotable Quotes 26:
Quotes About Money 26: I prefer to see the silver lining in the dark cloud rather than the dark cloud in the silver lining.

Quotable Quotes 27:
Quotes About Money 27: We may not have overcome our challenges, but neither have our challenges overcome us.

Quotable Quotes 28:
Quotes About Money 28: We are not sworn enemies... We are neighbours who sometimes offend each other, but can always sit down to talk over our differences.

Quotable Quotes 29:
Quotes About Money 29: Over-dependence on oil has put an unpleasant bracket in our national economic freedom.

Quotable Quotes 30:
Quotes About Money 30: Economic diplomacy does not need to be a zero-sum game where the gain of partner automatically translates to the loss of the other.

Quotable Quotes 31:
Quotes About Money 31: Peace and security are the barest irreducible conditions for social and economic development.

Quotable Quotes 32:
Quotes About Money 32: I am loyal to Nigeria's economy. I don't have accounts or property abroad. All my children live and school in Nigeria...{Jonathan Goodluck}

Quotable Quotes 33:
Quotes About Money 33: The time of lamentation is over. This is the era of transformation. This is the time for action.

Quotable Quotes 34:
Quotes About Money 34: Cynicism and scepticism will not help our journey to greatness. Let us all believe in a new Nigeria.

Quotable Quotes 35:
Quotes About Money 35: The goal of achieving positive macroeconomic stability is no end in itself.

Quotable Quotes 36:
Quotes About Money 36: I have no intention to inflict pain on Nigerians. To save Nigeria, we must all be prepared to make sacrifices.

Quotable Quotes 37:
Quotes About Money 37: While we may not have landed a spaceship on the moon or developed nuclear technology, our inventors and innovators have made globally acknowledged contributions.

Quotable Quotes 38:
Quotes About Money 38: Transformation in my view simply means taking what you have and making the best of it and in so doing produce results that can bring about a paradigm shift.

Quotable Quotes 39:
Quotes About Money 39: I want to assure Nigerians that crude oil is not our 'Black Gold'. The real 'Black Gold' of Nigeria are her people and they can grow in value from gold to diamond via education.

Quotable Quotes 40:
Quotes About Money 40: We must quickly move away from partisan battlegrounds and find the national common ground.

Quotable Quotes 41:
Quotes About Money 41: Let me put you on notice: the assignment of offices is not an allocation of privileges.

Quotable Quotes 42:
Quotes About Money 42: Nigeria is a nation of resilient people. We will never yield to the forces of darkness. Nigeria will never ever, disintegrate.

Quotable Quotes 43:
Quotes About Money 43: The quality of governance is as good as the quality of the civil service.

Quotable Quotes 44:
Quotes About Money 44: The best advertisement for good governance is its positive expressions of happiness in the lives of the governed.

Quotable Quotes 45:
Quotes About Money 45: In my early days in school, I had no shoes, no school bags. I carried my books in my hands but never despaired; no car to take me to school, but I never despaired. There were days I had only one meal but I never despaired. I walked miles and crossed rivers to school every day, but I never despaired. Didn't have power, didn't have generators, studied with lanterns, but I never despaired. In spite of these, I finished secondary school attended the University of Port Harcourt and now hold a doctorate degree.

Quotable Quotes 46:
Quotes About Money 46: I was not born rich and in my youth, I never imagined that I would be where I am today, but not once did I ever give up.

Quotable Quotes 47:
Quotes About Money 47: As the most populous black nation on earth it seems our manifest destiny is to champion the cause of African emancipation and integration.

Quotable Quotes 48:
Quotes About Money 48: African renaissance remains an unfinished business, but the work that remains should not stop us from focusing on new priorities and challenges.

Quotable Quotes 49:
Quotes About Money 49: I am happy that the black man has put the shame of dispossession behind him and is moving on.

Quotable Quotes 50:
Quotes About Money 50: The dark patches in the Niger Delta will give way to light.

Quotable Quotes 51:
Quotes About Money 51: On the football field, nobody cares who scores for Nigeria. You can be a Musa or a Moses; you can be a Christopher or a Mustapha, nobody cares.

Quotable Quotes 52:
Quotes About Money 52: We have a duty to stand firm against those who threaten the sovereign integrity of the Nigerian state. Our will is strong, because our faith lies in the indivisibility of Nigeria.

Quotable Quotes 53:
Quotes About Money 53: Nigerians are peace-loving people; these sad events perpetrated by those who do not wish our nation well have not changed the essential character of our people.

Quotable Quotes 54:
Quotes About Money 54: No matter what it takes, we will win this war against terror.

Quotable Quotes 55:
Quotes About Money 55: Africa must declare an end to the era of self-inflicted wars and conflicts.

Quotable Quotes 56:
Quotes About Money 56: Africa must turn its begging bowls into baskets of prosperity and opportunity.

Quotable Quotes 57:
Quotes About Money 57: It is the supreme task of this generation to give hope to the hopeless strength to the weak and protection to the defenseless.

Quotable Quotes 58:
Quotes About Money 58: We must develop a democratic culture in which the will of the people will be treated as sacred and be immune to subversion by anti-democratic elements.

Quotable Quotes 59:
Quotes About Money 59: As we strive to advance our democratic development, there will be times when our will shall be tested, our patience provoked and our belief questioned.

Quotable Quotes 60:
Quotes About Money 60: The beauty of democracy is that its practice is never final and always has room for improvement no matter how old a democratic society may be. Where we falter we must not fall. When we are weak, we must not surrender.

Quotable Quotes 61:
Quotes About Money 61: People are not motivated by failure; they are motivated by achievement and recognition... {F. F. Fournies}

Quotable Quotes 62:
Quotes About Money 62: High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation... {Jack Kinder}

Quotable Quotes 63:
Quotes About Money 63: Business is a lot like a game of tennis. Those who don't serve well end up losing... {Doc Anklam}

Quotable Quotes 64:
Quotes About Money 64: The problem with most of us is we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism... {Norman Vincent Peale}

Quotable Quotes 65:
Quotes About Money 65: If you are not big enough to stand criticism, you are too small to be praised.

Quotable Quotes 66:
Quotes About Money 66: 90% of all failure result from people quitting too soon... {Basil Robert}

Quotable Quotes 67:
Quotes About Money 67: High achievers don't do what they want to do but do what needs to be done... {Bob Harrison}

Quotable Quotes 68:
Quotes About Money 68: We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough... {Helen Keller}

Quotable Quotes 69:
Quotes About Money 69: You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it... {Margaret Thatcher}

Quotable Quotes 70:
Quotes About Money 70: I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than in a cause that will ultimately fail... {Wodrow Wilson}

Quotable Quotes 71:
Quotes About Money 71: The man who makes no mistake lack boldness and the spirit of adventure. He never tries anything new. He has a brake on the wheels of progress... {M. W. Larmour}

Quotable Quotes 72:
Quotes About Money 72: The single most important difference between champion achievers and average people is their ability to handle rejection and failure... {Tom Hopkins}

Quotable Quotes 73:
Quotes About Money 73: Growth is the process of responding positively to change... {Basil Robert}

Quotable Quotes 74:
Quotes About Money 74: One of the most frequent cause for failure of able-bodied men is impatient in waiting for results... {Basil Robert}

Quotable Quotes 75:
Quotes About Money 75: Vision is the world's most desperate need. There is no hopeless situation, only people who think hopelessly... {Winifred Newman}

Quotable Quotes 76:
Quotes About Money 76: There is no money problem. It's always an idea problem. So think longer... {Robert Schuller}

Quotable Quotes 77:
Quotes About Money 77: What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude towards it... {J. Sidlo Baxter}

Quotable Quotes 78:
Quotes About Money 78: You will become as small as your controlling desires; as great as your dominant aspiration... {James Allen}

Quotable Quotes 79:
Quotes About Money 79: Only passion, great passion, can elevate the human soul to achieve great things... {Denis Diderot}

Quotable Quotes 80:
Quotes About Money 80: Optimism is the faith that can leads us to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence... {Helen Keller}

Quotable Quotes 81:
Quotes About Money 81: God never consult your past to determine your future... {Mike Murdock}

Quotable Quotes 82:
Quotes About Money 82: You can learn more from a wise man when is wrong than a fool who is right... {Basil Robert}

Quotable Quotes 83:
Quotes About Money 83: A small man stands on others. A great man stands on God... {John Mason}

Quotable Quotes 84:
Quotes About Money 84: God created the world out of nothing, and as long as we are nothing, He can make something out of us... {Martin Luther}

Quotable Quotes 85:
Quotes About Money 85: Do not allow idleness to deceive you, for while you give him today, he steals tomorrow from you... {H. Crowquill}

Quotable Quotes 86:
Quotes About Money 86: You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except fro two things; the people you associate with an dthe books you read... {Charlie Jones}

Quotable Quotes 87:
Quotes About Money 87: What you set your heart on will determine how you will spend your life... {Basil Robert}

Quotable Quotes 88:
Quotes About Money 88: The easiest thing to be in the world is you. The most difficult thing to be is what other people want you to be... {Leo Buscaglia}

Quotable Quotes 89:
Quotes About Money 89: If you don't have a dream how are you going to make a dream come true?... {Oscar Hammerstein}

Quotable Quotes 90:
Quotes About Money 90: Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you... {Frank Tyger}

Quotable Quotes 91:
Quotes About Money 91: A wise person makes his own decisions; an ignorant one follows public opinion... {John Mason}

Quotable Quotes 92:
Quotes About Money 92: Your destiny is not a matter of chance,it is a matter of choice...

Quotable Quotes 93:
Quotes About Money 93: Don't waste today regretting yesterday instead of making a memory for tomorrow... {Laura Palmer}

Quotable Quotes 94:
Quotes About Money 94: Your past cannot be changed,but you can change your tomorrow by your actions today... {David Mcnally}

Quotable Quotes 95:
Quotes About Money 95: You have no right to anything you have not pursued for the proof of desire is in the pursuit... {Mike Murdock}

Quotable Quotes 96:
Quotes About Money 96: Stop looking at where you have been and start looking where you can be... {Mike Murdock}

Quotable Quotes 97:
Quotes About Money 97: Don't poison your future with the pain of the past... {Mike Murdock}

Quotable Quotes 98:
Quotes About Money 98: Yesterday's failure... can become the catalyst for tomorrow's success... {}

Quotable Quotes 99:
Quotes About Money 99: God will dare to do the impossible in your life if you dare to step across the faith line... {Kenneth Copeland}

Quotable Quotes 100:
Quotes About Money 100: You create a season of success every time you complete an instruction from God... {Mike Murdock}

Quotable Quotes 101:
Quotes About Money 101: Chai there is god ooo. There is God ooo... {Patience Jonathan or Dame patience jonathan}

Quotes About Saving Money

You can see some of the famous quotes about money or quotes about managing money, the thing is that once you follow this way, it will produce success and a sterling character as well.

There are hood quotes about money or quotable quotes about life or on life or on education or funny quotable quotes.

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