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Would you like to know about tips on getting the best value fare for oyster and tfl contactless payments from the customer service of tfl transport for London money saving hints, tips and travel advice? If so, you have come to the right place.

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We're a journalistic contactless tfl website and aim to provide the best contactless payment card tfl guides, tips, tools and techniques, but can't guarantee to be perfect, so do note you use the information at your own risk and we can't accept liability if things go wrong.

Had it up to here with London congestion? Take a day trip or take a trip to London and use pay as you go!

Oyster card and tfl contactless pay as you go travel is cheaper all weekend and on Bank Holiday Monday, see website

This webpage shows you... How to avoid being charged a maximum fare on your Oyster or contactless card?

Do you know that you can make as many journeys as you like in a day and the amount you pay will be capped?

This gives you the best value for money without needing to decide in advance which ticket to buy as you avoid the pressure of day trip.

There are Ways to pay for your travel in London

Get a powerful relief with contactless tfl card and go! You have a range of options and ways to pay for your travel.

Can you look like a million bucks but still stay within your budget?

For most people, pay as you go with contactless tfl or Oyster is the best option as it offers value, flexibility and convenience.

If you travel frequently, a 7 Day, monthly or annual Travelcard or Bus and Tram Pass on Oyster may suit you better.

As we bring you The London City's Top Personal Shoppers. They'll Share insider Tips and secret Techniques for Shopping Smart.

Transport For London TfL Online
or TFL Oyster Online Top Up Account

If you register for transport for london tfl account, you can if you wants, add contactless tfl or Oyster card, as a result you can:

Apply for a refund for a maximum fare when you couldn't touch in or out with the same card to pay the right fare.

Apply for a service delay refund if your journey has been delayed.

Get notification alerts if there's an issue with your contactless card tfl.

Protect your Oyster card against loss or theft. If your Oyster card has a Travel card, Bus and Tram Pass or pay as you go credit on it, tfl can stop it and send you a replacement, or arrange a transfer to a new Oyster card

Top up your Oyster pay as you go credit and buy Travel cards using your contactless payment cards

View online a summary of the journeys you've already made so far that day using contactless tfl card

View online your travel and payment history

You can Register Transport For London at website

Once you register for tfl account, you can sign up for email updates to get customer updates and find out about planned works.

Trip to London or Day Trip

Once you can book your flights or pay with contactless payment card to travel on Buses, DLR, London Overground, most National Rail services, Tram and Tube.

What next? Looking for some advice on what to see and what to avoid? Advices on hotels or visiting London Southbank?

Things to do in London

You may want to consider visiting any of the following:

Art Galleries
Bermondsey Street for lots of great independent restaurants and cafes
Canary Wharf
Covent Garden (see the street entertainers) to Leicester Square in West End of london
Golden hind
HMS Belfast
Houses of Parlaiment
King's Cross St. Pancras Underground Station
Liverpool Street for independent coffee shops, cafes and restaurants, Starbucks, Cafe Nero!, Costas and Pret.
London Zoo
London Eye
Madame tussauds and the planetarium at Baker street
Museums - The Natural History museum and the Science museum - Most large museums and galleries are free. Both museums are open between 10.00am and 17.30pm
Notting Hill and Chelsea - Note that the Nottingham hill carnival is last weekend of August 2022.
Old Street, Old bailey court, Brick Lane and Shoreditch
Record shop - Sister Ray in Berwick Street
River Thames - a Boat trip on the Thames. It is cheaper to buy Thames Clipper River Roamer tickets as it give you unlimited 'hop on, hop off' travel on the Clipper commuter boats for the day.
Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gardens and walk through from there into Hyde Park.
Selfridges on Oxford Street
Shopping - at Harrods in London's Knightsbridge, Brompton Road or visit Soho for shopping
Tate modern by the London Southbank and its free! Just get off at Southwark Tube, and follow the lamp posts painted orange. It will led you to the Tate. If you're coming from St Pauls tube, just cross over the foot bridge. Walking to the Tate Modern along the Southbank from Waterloo or London Bridge is very pleasant.
The Emirates Cable cars
The O2, Greenwich peninsula, South-East London is a state-of-the-art arena. It includes a bowling alley, clubs, cinema, exhibition spaces and bars
The Natural History (NH), Science and Victoria and Albert Museums are beside each other near South Kensington tube station and are free. To avoid big queue and quicker NH entry, use the side entrance with the earth banner above it.
The Shard
The sight-seeing Buses
Tower of London
Trafalgar Square to the Tower Of london using oyster or travelcard.
Visit Borough market for great food places - cafes, bakeries, delis, etc. Also, market in Hackney called Broadway Market.
Watch Horses riders at Rotten Row in the park and take boating on the Serpentine Lake.

The best way to travel to each of the attractions in our view is in this priority order:

Tube (get the tube map as tube can be a pretty boring way to travel). Website is a tube map tha follows the streets.


Buses or sightseeing buses. Seriously, you can walk faster than some of the Buses, but at times travelling on a bus can be interesting.

Black cabs/taxi (if money is not a problem)

The Days Out Guide (website, London, United Kingdom (UK) has a lots of 2 for 1 deals and you could buy a London Souvenir or a souvenir from the gallery gift shop.

With hotels, there is really a cheap deal on a hotel such as Premier Inn and Travelodge, which are reasonable price - the one not so central in London might be quite a bit cheaper.

Depends on your budget, you may consider student accommodation - try the Imperial College halls of residence Kensington, near the museums as it has a good transport links.

You can make use some of their sports facilites, cafe and bars which are cheaper than normal London prices.

If you're into cafe deals, have a look at the London Coffee Map or Groupon (London Area) as they often have discounted cafe deals. There are great cafes shops dotted all around London.

Have you check out or (Airbnb is a website for people to rent out lodging. The worldwide alternative to Hotels Accommodations).

How many nights do you planning to stay? You could consider apartments if you are staying anywhere longer than one night.

This gives you the freedom to come and go as you please and may be eating out for breakfast, lunch and evening meal out. Check your wallet.

Contactless Payment Card - Transport for London TfL

Contactless TfL Online

Contactless tfl online is a quick easy and secure way to pay.

If your payment card has the left hand side symbol tfl Contactless payment symbol you can use contactless topay for your morning coffee, your lunch and your bus journeys.

You can now use contactless tfl payment across the Buses, Underground, TramLink, DLR, Overground and National Rail services in London.

Oyster card and contactless payment cards are plastic smartcards used for quick and easy payments; you can use them instead of paper tickets to pay for your travel.

The same fare as adult Oyster card pay as you go and you simply touch in and out as normal.

Touching in and out at the same station

Touching in and out at the same station; Only touch your Oyster card on a yellow card reader at the start of your bus and tram journey.

If you have a contactless payment cards you can use it to travel or if not get an oyster card on arrival of any underground/tube/train station. You pay £5.00 refundable deposit and top up (tfl online top up) as you go.

NOTE that you can only apply for the £5.00 deposit to be refunded after 48 hours.

Note that this has a daily cap. If you have a rail card as to what is the best option for the childs fares.

For a 11-to-15 year old child, a zip photo oyster card is £10.00 non refundable deposit and has to be ordered in advance tfl online and collected from a travel centre on arrival with ID.

If you have a family and friends railcard you can get a daily travel card from the train station after 10:00am for £2.00 a day, otherwise £6.00 a day for an 11-to-15 travel card.

But do remember to avoid contactless card clash only touch the card you wish to pay with on the card reader.

You can easily manage a contactless payment card using TfL online account which offers some great benefits.

These include - viewing up to 12 months of journey history, applying for a refund and keeping track of what you're spending.

And with contactless tfl you don't need to top up or buy a ticket.

Just like Oyster card, if you make a number of journeys in one day, you won't pay more than the daily cap for the zones you've travelled in.

TfL contactless also offers Monday to Sunday capping, meaning you won't need to worry about topping up or buying a ticket in advance.

Just ensure you use the same card from Monday to Sunday so you're eligible for the cap. You get on board quicker with tfl contactless. Another way to pay.

Transport For London TFL WAYS TO PAY

TfL Touch in and out using an Oyster or Contactless tfl Payment card to pay the right fare

TfL Touch the Pink Reader to pay the right fare

TfL Travel Off-peak as it is cheaper

TfL Travel protect with Daily capping - Use the same tfl contactless card to get the best value for a day's travel with daily capping.

TfL only touch in on trams and buses

TfL service delay refunds. If you're delayed on the underground Tube, DLR or London Overground, you can get a refund.

Benefits of an Online Account

You get huge benefits for opening an online TfL account. It is easy to open tfl online account, simply putting you in the driving seat of your tfl contactless travel.

With your tfl online account, you can see how you've been charged or have you been ripped off - in essence putting you in control of your tfl contactless travel.

You'll be able to see and know how you've been charged and where you've been with your tfl contactless payment card.

Contactless Payment Buses

Technology has made it possible to accept contactless payment on buses.

When you use your contactless card to pay on buses, you gain the advantage of paying the same fare as on Oyster card because of the capping benefit.

How Fares are Charged

As we move into cashless society, most people will wants to use their tfl contactless payment card to travel and make payment with it.

TfL transport for london will charged you an adult rate pay as you go fare, which in essense is cheaper than paying with cash.

When you use tfl contactless card on your london journey, you will also benefit from the pay as you go Oyster card features of daily capping from Monday to Sunday.

Free Wifi At Underground Tube Stations

You can get a free wifi at the tube stations by visiting website for full detail access.

TfL have team up with Virgin Media to bring WiFi to 150 London Underground stations.

Any commuter can go online anywhere in those stations - in ticket halls, corridors and platforms.

If you're a customer of any of the following network providers, you will get Internet access on London Underground free of charge. Choose your provider and follow instructions at login:

EE, T-Mobile and Orange
Virgin Media Broadband and Mobile customers

If you're not one of these customers, you can purchase a daily, weekly or monthly Virgin Media WiFi Pass to get online. Having Wifi available makes it all a bit less boring.

Contact Contactless TfL

TfL Customer Services Phone Details are:
Phone:       0343 222 1234
Textphone: 020 7027 8511

TfL Call Charges (Seven days a week)
Monday:         08:00am - 20:00pm
Tuesday:        08:00am - 20:00pm
Wednesday:   08:00am - 20:00pm
Thursday:      08:00am - 20:00pm
Friday:          08:00am - 20:00pm
Saturday:      08:00am - 20:00pm
Sunday:        08:00am - 20:00pm


Follow TfL on Twitter: @TfLWaystoPay

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