The Congestion Charge Zone Map | Pay concession charge of London map

As of today 2022, the London Congestion Charge Map zone is a £11.50 daily charge for driving a vehicle within the charging zone between 07:00am and 18:00pm, Monday to Friday.

The easiest way to pay the charge (or Pay concession charge) is by registering for Congestion Charge Auto Pay.

There are a range of exemptions and discounts available to certain vehicles and individuals.

Don't just guess... is Vauxhall in the congestion zone? - When you can check the london congestion charge map, the congestion charge cost or when the congestion charge times end.

Congestion Charge Zone Map

NOTE THAT there is no congestion charge on weekends, public holidays, between Christmas Day and New Year's Day inclusive, or between 18:00pm and 07:00am on weekdays.

Congestion charging zone map - Transport for London services -
In the Congestion Charge zone, you have to pay an £11.50 daily charge if you drive between 07:00am and 18:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Congestion charge zone map

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London congestion charge map 2021

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