The Crossrail Map London UK

The essential role of crossrail project (or crossrail route map) is to supporting London and the United Kingdom (UK) economy as sets out the priorities to 2027 - 2028.

Every day approximately/around 30 million journeys are made on TfL network and demand for its services is increasing all the time, hence crossrail map project.

Transport for London TfL continues to fulfil its mandate of increasing the London transport network to meet the growing population.

It is expected that TfL must sustained investment in infrastructure to improve reliability, increase capacity and reduce overcrowding on public transport and congestion on roads. To achieve this, TfL must:

Transforming its operations by:

  • Contactless payments - London crossrail map route
  • Improving customer service - crossrail stations
  • The Night Tube - crossrail route
  • The Future of Tube stations - crossrail trains & crossrail tube map

Renewing and upgrading core infrastructure by:

  • Improving reliability - crossrail timetable & crossrail trains
  • Maintaining assets - london crossrail
  • Maximising capacity - london crossrail map route

Increasing efficiency and value for money by:

  • Commercial development - crossrail route
  • Efficiencies programme - crossrail london
  • Innovative ways of procuring - crossrail map

Supporting economic development and population growth by:

  • Crossrail 2 - It would create a new high-frequency, high-capacity rail line with shorter journey times across the Capital, reducing pressure on busy mainline routes and the Underground.

  • Growth areas - TfL has identified 23 growth areas where targeted investment in transport can support the creation of new homes and jobs.

  • River crossings - TfL has made plans for additional highway river crossings for east London, and build a new road tunnel at Silvertown to relieve consgestion at Blackwall.

  • Suburban rail services - crossrail map route

The Crossrail project is co-sponsored by TfL and the DfT (Department for Transport) and funded from several sources, including Government grant, borrowing and other contributions.

Crossrail Map London

It is expected that the crossrail completion date or the first Crossrail services through central London will start from December 2025-2026 with the full operations from 2026 - 2027.

NOTE that Crossrail is the Europe's largest infrastructure project.

It is expected that Heathrow Terminals 1-3 to Canary Wharf
Pre Crossrail: 65 minutes
Crossrail:      40 minutes

Crossrail Map - Transport for London services -
Crossrail Route Map London Crossrail Trains Stations
The crossrail map London UK

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Crossrail Map Route Extended

When completed, Crossrail will connect with 41 other rail stations. It is hoped that crossrail project will revolutionise England East-West transit in the Capital, making London an even more attractive place to visit and invest.

Crossrail service will boost London's rail based by connecting Reading and Heathrow airport in the West, and Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the East.

The crossrail project is scheduled for completion in 2021 and in 2013 was extended to include Reading, to provide a direct connection between busy Reading route and London's main employment centres.

The two stations added to the line, Reading and Twyford (see above Crossrail Map London train stations route) which will give commuters an efficient new route to central London without the need to change at Paddington station.

When will crossrail be finished 2023 or 2024?

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