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UBA contactless payment solution

What is UBA Contactless?

UBA Contactless card is Nigeria's First Ever Contactless Cards payment. UBA contactless cards allows you to make quick and easy payments the contactless way, without swiping or inserting your card into a POS terminal.

The United Bank for Africa (UBA) is changing the way payment systems are done in Nigeria with the introduction of contactless payment cards.

UBA customers can now enjoy the contactless payment cards (term UBA contactless) which offer bank cutsomers an easier and more convenient hassle-free way to pay for goods and services.

UBA contactless cardholders will experience the next level of convenient payment services; a pay on the go or if you prefer...

A touch and pay contactless payment card; the most innovative and convenient way for customers to pay for goods and services.

Contactless payments are fast, easy and secure. It is a payment card with the added advantage of NFC technology.

With UBA contactless cards, you can make payments for everyday essentials and other things that money can buy the contactless way.

The UBA contactless payment cards works with Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled PoS and ATM terminals by simply touching the card against the contactless reader without slotting it into the terminal.

Customers can also use the cards to pay on regular POS terminals. UBA contactless payment cards can be used across all the channels where you use your regular card, ATM, POS and Web.

Note that all UBA contactless cards use the Combined Data Authentication EMV Chip, which is currently the highest standard for chip technology used in payment cards to ensure that UBA contactless cards are absolutely safe.

Ideally, UBA contactless cards is meant for low value transactions, contactless payment card holders are not required to input their PIN but due to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) currently mandates that all transactions on the POS require PIN entry.

As of now, UBA customers will still be required to input their PIN even for low value transactions.

However, contactless payment cards still offer a superior level of convenience compared to the traditional payment cards

Everyday Convenience UBA Contactless

UBA Group direct bank has introduced a world of total payment freedom which enabling you to make payments in a fast, easy and secure way.

With UBA contactless cards, you can relax and make payments for everyday low transactions essentials and other things that money can buy the contactless way.

No Queuing, No Waiting or Swiping Card

Now there will be two queues in a shop. Imagine other people queuing up to pay for items at your local store or supermarket.

Using the POS terminals by inserting or swiping card to pay for their goods.

But with UBA contactless card, you join the contactless world of easy payments where you no longer have to insert or swipe your card.

How Does UBA Contactless Work?

UBA Contactless payment is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. To use the UBA contactless cards, customers simply follow this steps:

How to use UBA contactless card

How to pay the effortless way using safest card technology

Touch and Go into Nigeria with UBA contactless is safer than cash. It is the newest, coolest, safest card technology right now.

Your security is UBAGroup top priority. So UBA bank use some of the most advanced technology to protect your contactless payments.

If your UBA card gets lost or stolen you're 100% protected against fraudulent activity on your account. Just contact UBA and they'll take care of it.

12 Questions and Answers About UBA Contactless Card Payment Solutions

Below are some of the Commonly asked questions about the UBA Contactless Cards:

UBA Contactless Question 1: What is a Contactless Card?
UBAContactless Answer 1: A Contactless card is a fast and easy way to pay for goods and services. A contactless technology allows you to make payment without having to slot in or swipe your card.

All you need do is place your card against the POS terminal reader and a connection is established.

Contactless cards have an embedded antenna in the plastic so that when it is used at a contactless reader it securely transmits purchase information to and from the contactless reader.

All you have to do is place your contactless card over the contactless reader to make the payment.

UBA Contactless Question 2: Is Contactless same as Near Field Communication (NFC)?
UBAContactless Answer 2: Yes! The same thing. NFC is the technology behind contactless payments.

UBA Contactless Question 3: How is the Contactless Card different from my current regular card?
UBAContactless Answer 3: There is no difference. It is your regular card with the added advantage of contactless technology.

UBA Contactless Question 4: How do I know if my UBA card come with contactless technology?
UBAContactless Answer 4: If you see the symbol NFC technology symbol on left hand side on your card it means that your card comes with contactless technology.

UBA Contactless Question 5: How does UBA contactless card benefit me?
UBAContactless Answer 5: It's faster and easier than other types of payment: • You don't always have to carry cash or worry about looking for exact change when making small value everyday purchases at participating retailers.

• You don't have to enter your PIN for payments but due to CBN mandates you have to for now. You may have to on some occasions as a security measure to verify that you, the authorised UBA cardholder, are still in possession of the card.

• There's no need to queue for so long; as UBA contactless speeds up the time it takes to make a payment;

• You are in control because your UBA card never has to leave your hand when making a payment at the reader

• You will have a record of all your everyday purchases on your account statement.

UBA Contactless Question 6: How does my UBA Contactless Card work?
UBAContactless Answer 6: It's so easy! Just follow these steps: • Ensure that the POS terminal can accept contactless payments (it must be NFC-enabled).

• Simply hold your contactless card against the reader.

• You will be prompted to enter your PIN.

• Your transaction is approved

UBA Contactless Question 7: Where can I use my UBA contactless card?
UBAContactless Answer 7: You can use your UBA contactless card wherever you see the contactless symbol. There are already lots of retailers/ merchant in the Africa (or in Nigeria) that offer contactless payments. • Your UBA contactless card can be used at any merchant location with the contactless symbol.

• Your card can be used like a regular card and on a POS without the NFC logo.

• You can use it across all the channels where you use your regular card - ATM, POS and Web.

UBA Contactless Question 8: Is UBA contactless technology secure?
UBAContactless Answer 8: Yes. UBA contactless card uses the Combined Data Authentication EMV Chip which is currently the highest standard for chip technology used in payment cards.

In addition, UBA Contactless uses the latest secure encryption technology (same as Chip and PIN) so you can feel confident when using it to pay for items. So yes, your card is absolutely safe.

UBA Contactless Question 9: Will I need a PIN to use my UBA Contactless card?
UBAContactless Answer 9: Ideally, NO! Especially for low value transactions such as making transit payment.

However, the Central Bank of Nigeria requires PIN entry for all card transactions on the POS. This then means that you will still need to enter your PIN until the regulation is change.

UBA Contactless Question 10: Where is UBA Contactless card available?
UBAContactless Answer 10: You can get one at any of the UBA Bank Business Offices in Nigeria. It will be introduced in UBAGroup Bank other African markets in a couple of months.

UBA Contactless Question 11: How long would it take for me to get my UBA Contactless card?
UBAContactless Answer 11: You can get it instantly at any UBAGroup Business Office. Embossed cards take 24 hours.

UBA Contactless Question 12: How much does UBA Contactless card cost?
UBAContactless Answer 12: A small payment of N1,000 Naira (One thousand Naira).


You can reach UBAGroup direct for more information about UBA Contactless customer services (or ubacontactless global support) and join the contactless revolution today:

Contact Info:

Telephone: +234 1 280 8822 or 01-2808822

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