What is Address Verification?

what is address verification?

What is Address Verification?

Address Verification only request transactions are identical to Account Verification transactions. However, for United Kingdom (UK) issued Cards, Address Verification Service (AVS) data will be stripped from the request before sending to the Host Issuer (thus making the message a regular Account Verification).

In the response to the Acquirer, the Address Verification result in field 44.2 will be 'U' address not verified (not email address verification).

Processing code should indicate a purchase transaction. Field 3 should be 000000.

The Transaction Amount in field 4 must be zero.

Data field 18 contains a code indicating the Merchant's type of business. This code is also known as the Merchant Category Code (MCC). Merchant type can be any valid code for a Card-present or Card-not-present transaction.

The point-of-sale (POS) Condition Code must indicate Account Verification. Field 25 must be 51.

Address data (not UK addresss verification) must be present in field 123.

Address verification response code field 39 should be 85 (no reason to decline).

Field 44.2 - Address Verification Result Code is in the response message.

Field 51 - Request for Account Number verification without authorization, request for Account Number verification and address verification without authorization, or Request for Account Number and CVV2 verification without authorization.

Authorization Request with address verification

Processing code should indicate a Card-present or Card-not-present purchase transaction. Field 3 should be 00xxxx (purchase).

Expiry date is optional. Omit field 14 if not known or if track data is present.

Merchant type must be valid for a Card-present or Card-not-present transaction.

The POS Condition Code may indicate normal or mail/phone order.

Field 25 must be 00 (normal transaction) or 08 (mail/phone order/mail address verification/postal/letter/ us/form/service/system/post office/free/international/sender/gecode).

Address verification data must be present. Field 123 must be included.

The response includes an Address Verification Result Code in field 44.2.

Address verification Mail/Phone Order Transaction

Processing code must indicate a purchase transaction. Field 3 must be 00xxxx (cannot be 11xxxx).

Field 18 may contain an MCC which is listed in the MOTO Merchant Category Group. For a list of all valid MCCs, see the document, Visa Europe Merchant Data Standards.

POS Condition Code must indicate mail or telephone order; field 25 must be 08.

The request must not include a PIN. Fields 52 and 53 must not be included.

Address verification data is required. Field 123 must be present. Data field 44.2 contains a Visa-defined code that describes the results of a Visa address verification.

The Address Verification Service (AVS) can be used for all Merchants that include field 123 - Verification Data in their authorization or financial request messages.

It can also be used for MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and in the US, proprietary and private label transactions.

Verification requests

Verification requests: The following points apply on Verification requests:

Field 38 is used in "no reason to decline" responses to verification requests. That is, when the response code is 85.

Address verification: If STIP provides the authorization decision after the Issuer has supplied the address verification response (as in some Airline transactions);

The Acquirer receives the authorization code assigned by STIP instead of the code assigned by the Issuer: unless the host Issuer has inserted a response code in field 39 other than 00 or 85.

 Use any valid code for Authorization Requests that include address verification data in field 123.

Address verification requests support both Card-present and Card-not-present requests in all Merchant categories with or without authorization amount requests

 Use code 51 for Account Verification, and address verification request messages without authorization. Code 51 is only valid for Visa and MasterCard transactions

Note that although MasterCard AVS-only transactions are no longer supported, code 51 is used in account status inquiries.

CVV2 verification only requests: These request messages are used to check CVV2 data in a Card-present transaction at the Point-of-Transaction.

This is useful when the magnetic stripe cannot be read. Acquirers submit CVV2 verification only 0100 request messages, with a condition code of 51 in this field, a Transaction Amount of zero in field 4, and the CVV2 data to be verified in field 126.10.

Host issuers that perform their own CVV2 validation must be prepared to receive CVV2 verification only request messages.

Host issuer 0110 response messages must contain a Transaction Amount of zero in field 4, a response code of 85, and a valid CVV2 results value in field 44.10. If VEAS performs CVV2 validation on behalf of the Issuer, VEAS will check the CVV2 in all eligible request messages and provide results data in response messages.

Note that field 25 can contain any code except 51, and field 18 may contain any valid value. Address verification only requests must include field 123, field 25, which must be 51, and field 18, which may contain any valid value.

Acronyms used in data field descriptions for Address Verification

Field descriptions may include acronyms shown in the following table - Data field listing - acronyms used for account verification.

  Acronym "Definition"
3-D Secure Three-Domain Secure (Merchant, Acquirer, Issuer)
AAC Application Authentication Cryptogram
ACI Authorization Characteristics Indicator
ACS Access Control Server
ADM Automated Dispensing Machine
AFD Automated Fuel Dispenser
AFT Account Funding Transaction
AML Anti-Money Laundering
ARPC Authorization Response Cryptogram
ARQC Authorization Request Cryptogram
ATR Assured Transaction Response
Auto-CDB Automated Cardholder Database Service
AVS Address Verification Service
AWK Acquirer Working Key
BER Basic Encoding Rules (as in TLV format)
BCD Binary-Coded Decimal Notation
CAM Card Authentication Method
CAVV Cardholder Authentication Verification Value
CDB Cardholder Database
CPS Custom Payment Service
CRB Card Recovery Bulletin
CRS Chargeback Reduction Service
CSU Card Status Update
CVM Card Verification Method
CVN Cryptogram Version Number
CVR Card Verification Results
CVV Card Verification Value
DCC Dynamic Currency Conversion
dCVV Dynamic Card Verification Value
DDA Dynamic Data Authentication
DF Data Filed (American Express)
EA Server Extended Access Server
EIRF Electronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee
FPI Fee Program Indicator
GCAS Global Customer Assistance Service
IARS International Automated Referral Service
iCVV Integrated Circuit Card (iCC) CVV
IWK Issuer Working Key
MCC Merchant Category Code
MCG Merchant Category Group
MOTO Mail Order or Telephone Order
MVV Merchant Verification Value
OIF Optional Issuer Fee
OCT Original Credit Transaction
OTC Over-the-Counter
PACM Positive Authorization Capacity Management
PAD Proprietary Authentication Data
PCAS Positive Cardholder Authorization Service
PCR Processing Centre Record
PIN Personal Identification Number
PVKI PIN Verification Key Index
PVS PIN Verification Service
PVV PIN Verification Value
RCRF Regional Card Recovery File
RTS Visa Europe Real Time Scoring
SDA Static Data Authentication
SMS Single Message Service
STIP Stand-in Processing
TADC Transaction Amount in Destination Currency
T&C Travel & Entertainment
TC For VSDC, TC = Transaction Certificate
For VECSS, TC = Transaction Code
TID Transaction Indicator
TLV Tag-Length-Value (Format, see BER)
TVR Terminal Verification Results
UCAF Universal Cardholder Authentication Field (MasterCard)
VAT Value-Added Tax
VCPS Visa Contactless Payment Specification
VECSS Visa Europe Clearing and Settlement Service
VIC Visa Interchange Center
VIP Very Important Person
V.I.P. Visa Integrated Payments system
VROL Visa Resolve Online
VSDC Visa Smart Debit/Credit
VSEC Visa Secure Electronic Commerce
VSS Visa Europe Settlement Service
VMTS Visa Europe Member Test System
XID Electronic Commerce Transaction Identifier

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